A Varied List of Foods
with Potassium

Whether you have high blood pressure or not, an extensive list of foods with potassium will help support cellular health.

The mineral is not stored in the body like other minerals, therefore, you need to consume an ample source every day. It is essential for the body’s cells to live.

Most foods contain some, but you may need to select those with high levels to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

I have grouped the foods into 4 categories for easier selection depending on each individual`s need or condition. The foods are listed by their potassium content; from top level to 4th level. Clicking on the links will give you information on how much each food contains and other benefits these foods have to help lower blood pressure.

The Top Level Foods with Potassium.

sunglowers in field

Dulse; Kelp; Sunflower; Wheat germ more...

Almond; Raisin; Parsley; Brazil nut more...

Lettuce; Endives; Lamb`squar.; Radish more...

Chinese cab; Dandelion (r); Dill more...

Foods, abundant in potassium should be sought after if this mineral is being leached from your system through diuretics or other drugs. Take caution when doing so. Either ask your doctor if the drugs you are taking increase or decrease levels, or look at the information sheet that comes with your prescription to check the side effects.

Second Level Foods with Potassium


Cucumber; Spinach;  Figs; Figs (d); Dates; Avocado more...

Wheat bran; Pecan;Yam; Swiss Chard; Soy bean more...

Garlic; Tomato; Beans; Celery Root; Garden Cress more...

This second list of foods have many salad items included in it. Choose only one or two from this list, using other foods not so high to have a balanced variety.

Third Level Foods With Potassium

banana shoot

Asparagus; Carrot; Plum; Radish; Turnip more...

Mushroom; Walnut; Millet;  Banana; Broccoli more...

Squash; Coriander; Red Cabbage; White Cabbage; Turmeric; Kiwi fruit more...

This is a nice mixture of potassium rich foods. There are about 4 or 5 ingredients that would do nicely for a vegetable soup along with a herb to season.

Use your own judgement, but if you`re unsure and there could be complications, consult your doctor or dietician.

4th Level Foods With Potassium

red and green grapes

Cayenne; Chives; Egg Plant; Beet; Lentils more...

Papaya; Peach; Orange; Raspberry; Strawberry more...

Cherry; Grape; Onion; Apple more...

The potassium content of foods in this last list is not as high as the rest, never-the-less, they are still a good source too. There are a few fruits listed that could make a juicy fruit salad for dessert.

Read about these foods as consecutive pages start here...

blood pressure machine

There`s a lot more food that can supply your diet with enough potassium, helping your system bring blood pressure down naturally.

What`s your thoughts on this subject? Your comment counts!

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