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Time for Speaking Out!

Yes...and your points of view have been coming fast and furious that I hardly can keep up with them.

So if you have a few moments like the chap in his bathing suit, this page is for you who are speaking out, sharing your experience so that others can feel they are not alone, or crazy as they have been led to believe.

If you have a grievance about either your treatment by the health establishment, or the medication you have been taking, here is the place where you will get enough hearing ears. Better still, if you have a positive experience, we want to know about that too.

Treat these pages like a forum. There are several Topics with threads to other reader`s opinions. You can add your own too using the form at the bottom of each page.

One contribution that strikes me very much is a letter from Alicia who felt her doctor was acting like her god rather than a friend and a support. She airs her sheer frustration at the bad treatment she was receiving.

Do you feel as a woman you are not being heard?

Topic - Women are speaking out

Thread - Doctor as My Partner Not My God

This is a website for all people and the letters I receive from men testify to that. So are you inspired guys? Or are you having doubts if the meds don`t work?

Gary Long is an inspiration! He wrote and told us how he took his health into his own hands and defeated high blood pressure.

How do you feel about physical exercise? Do you give up before you see any results?

Topic - Do You Have Your Own Personal Story to Tell?

Thread - Gary Long

Other great topics on this high blood pressure forum that will be of interest to you can be found at these following links -

What other steps can you take and why are People Changing to alternative?

Topic - Alternative High Blood Pressure Treatment?

Has anyone lowered their blood pressure through diet? Some are having success.

Topic - A Change in Your Diet

Lot`s of letters are read every day. Here are some on my Comments Page who`s owners have given me permission to post. May we extend our thanks and gratitude to all off you!

Gem the Editor

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New Technology

This monitor is very eye catching, and no wonder. The illumination changes color as your blood pressure rises or lowers. The visual effect is a clever development by Ozeri that seems to appeal to customers. I particularly like this model because if a user has diastolic hypertension or systolic hypertension the display illuminates duel colors to alert the user that one of the numbers is around normal whereas the other is highly elevated.

Your iPhone a Blood Pressure Monitor?

At last! Keeping up with high technology this Withings blood pressure monitor cuff plugs into your iPhone, iPod, and iPad with no need for it`s own separate monitor. Make use of the tool that sends your results through as data to your doctor and your partners too.

Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor on sale in the UK too.

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