“This trend is increasing at an alarming rate. Why are you considering it and do you think there is enough exposure to the benefits of making the change? I am interested in your opinion.”

I think the main reason there is a trend of people changing to alternative high blood pressure treatment is because of one word “side effects”. Ok, it is two words :). These two words are why I am trying alternative high blood pressure homeopathic treatment. My doctor said I had high blood pressure and insisted I go on lisinopril (a very low dosage – told me to cut the pill in half). Well, after five days, I started to experience side effects, frequent urination, pain in my side, lips tingled. I started reading about this drug on line and read that if my tongue swelled up I could end up in the hospital. Ending up in the hospital because of this medication was a very upsetting thought.

So I researched natural cures. I am trying apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, hawthorn, increased my intake of coenzyme Q-10 and tried to eat more vegetables.

It has only been about five days since I stopped taking the lisinopril and switched to the natural stuff. It was about two days without lisinopril before I could get the natural stuff. During that time, I noticed my blood pressure had started to climb again. However, within about 2 days of the natural stuff, I noticed that my blood pressure was coming down. Perhaps it is just a fluke, but I am willing to keep trying it. Apple cider is not going to put me in the hospital, but lisinopril just might. Nor does the apple cider make me feel ill like the lisinopril was doing.

Will it continue to work? Time will tell.