The Benefits of Juicing
Fruit and vegetables
is Lower Blood Pressure

vegetables with juicerThe Benefits of Juicing

Juicing for health using berries and certain vegetables is fast gaining popularity, as health conscious people understand the role fruit and raw vegetables play in their everyday diet. Not only do they provide the enzymes our bodies need for proper digestion and cell function, but many of them act as powerful vaso-dilators and diuretics, actions that help reduce high blood pressure.

Other ways we can reap good results from consuming vegetables and fruits in this way is that they are full of high mineral and vitamin content like potassium, and vitamin C, and many other powerful antioxidants that fight against free radicals that cause cell damage. Where as some of the vital minerals and vitamins are lost when various forms of cooking takes place.


At the time of writing this page, it was already one year on from the news that drinking beetroot juice daily can bring down blood pressure significantly.

Not only does it contain high levels of potassium; calcium; folic acid; and iron, it also works in an amazing way from the time it enters into the mouth to the end results of opening up the arteries. An amazing vaso-dilator.

For information on how beetroot works to open blood vessels, see my page on the Benefits of Beetroot


Celery is not everyone`s favorite but it goes down well with some, and is good “medicine” being full of potassium. But what is more interesting about this food is that the nutrient Phthalide that causes the smell and taste is actually a stress reducer. It causes a depletion in the production of stress hormones. So go with the flow and relax. You can blend celery juice with apple juice which masks the taste a little if you find eating raw celery repugnant.

No need to add salt as the vegetable contains a lot of salt, yet it acts as a diuretic. Nature has all the right ingredients. We just need to learn and respect her.

The Benefits of Juicing Tomatoes

LDL is dubbed the “bad” cholesterol, but in fact, the body recycles it to use again. The root of the problem is when cholesterol is oxidized by free radicals.

Tomatoe juice, most of the time misspelled tomato juice, contains a substance called lycopene, a super anti-oxidant, helping to slow down cholesterol oxidization.

Drinking tomato juice will also give you a boost in potassium too. There is some super juice recipes to try here…

I experienced first hand the benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits after embarking on a 7 day juice fast.

After careful preparation everything went to plan. I kept myself occupied, therefore distracted from thinking about food, and my friends and family were ever so considerate.

Apart from a mild headache on the second evening of the fast, I can`t say it was as difficult as I thought it would be. In fact, I found it a breeze.

There was a few noticeable benefits I would like to mention in particular.

Before I started the fast I visited the local pool for a swimming session for the first time in, dare I say, years. I was puckered out just after 5 lengths. This was not part of the plan but it sure gave me a wake up call as to the power of juicing.

Most people would assume that after 7 days of abstaining from anything cooked or solid, one would be rather weak. A second visit to the pool soon dispelled any ideas of that. I ended up swimming a continuous 30 lengths. I am certainly impressed. My general mood lifted, I lost some weight into the bargain, and I have started a new fitness program. End of story!