Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor
The Top Favorite Models

This page is a guide to the best home blood pressure monitor in the US.

The following is a recommendation by the American Heart Association, American Society of Hypertension and the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses’ Association.


According to the latest joint scientific statement from them, people with hypertension should monitor their blood pressure at home regularly to help manage the disease.

Apparently, a patient`s reading can be high because of white coat syndrome, a fear of doctors. Monitoring at home has proved to provide doctors with an overall consistent record and a more reliable reading because the patient feels relaxed and comfortable in his/her own familiar environment.

The following 3 models are samples that have been passed by the US FDA from which you can choose your best home blood pressure monitor

US Reviews for choosing the Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor.


Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Black/white, Large, still the top choice of visitors to this page and one of the latest of models.

Let technology help you in monitoring your own blood pressure. This clever device has a Advanced Averaging system. You can see over an 8 week period the pattern of your weekly morning and evening blood pressure. It will also deliver 3 consecutive readings and then give you the average.

You get a Comfit cuff that extends to make sure of an accurate fit. The monitor comes supplied with an AC adaptor, always a bonus. Amazon’s price $66.99.


The Panasonic EW3122S has a new version, the Panasonic EW-BU35W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Trend Graph. It features a flashing warning sign to indicate hypertension numbers. This is good for those who have normal BP or have successfully lowered it and want to keep it in check.

The colour display indicates your blood pressure trends over weeks and months. This is great for an instant comparison without having to load up software to check a chart.

Panasonic are popular because they are reliable and this model is $71.23 at Amazon. For those who want to carefully monitor their blood pressure and can master its use, it is a great buy, and for you, best home blood pressure monitor.


If you have trouble using the upper arm cuff models, there is a highly rated wrist model; the Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor is equipped with a position sensor so that you know when your wrist is level with your heart and the cuff will accommodate a larger sized wrist. A person who has just suffered stroke or has other disabilities would benefit from it. One thing not to overlook is that many Doctors do not think they give as accurate a reading as the upper arm models.

Amazon price is $46.99.

Please note:

Amazon updates their prices frequently, therefore the prices I quote for each model may differ from the price at Amazon until I update this page. Last updated on – 09/11/2014

Why Choose Popular Models?

So how do you go about choosing the best home blood pressure monitor? How many times have you heard family or friends complain about the frustration of trying to get an accurate reading first time round? I`ve heard some say that after waiting 5 minutes before trying again, the reading will display a much higher or lower reading? It is totally confusing especially when users are trying their best to get it right. After several unsuccessful attempts, who wouldn’t give up trying to monitor their own blood pressure!

Is it them or the monitor? Companies now are developing monitors that work at the touch of a button. Completely atomized! So taking home blood pressure readings should not present a problem.

But choosing the best home blood pressure monitor can be like a shot in the dark. There are so many different models on the market to search, review and choose. So a good idea is to choose from the top most popular models which also bear the stamp of approval along with guaranteed accuracy and reliable performance by the British Hypertensive Society, a leading authority.

Each tested machine must achieve a minimum B grade to meet the criteria for both systolic and diastolic measurements. Only then do they pass the BHS protocol, International Protocol, or the AAMI Protocol.

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