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News on Egg Whites

We are told that eggs are bad for us. But time and time again the researchers are surprising us with about-turn news bulletins, and the latest blood pressure news is that whites of eggs have a peptide that can lower blood pressure as effective as a low dose ACE inhibitor drug. The research was carried out by Dr Zhipeng Yu and team members at Jilin University, China.

At present tests have not been carried out with humans but this new discovery has promising potential. You may have in mind boiled egg whites but they found fried egg whites have a better effect.

And recently we had the fantastic news that using the best home blood pressure monitors is now officially recommended, and is beneficial in recognizing a patients true blood pressure patterns. So keep abreast with the latest news, brought to Highbloodpressureinfo.org daily by Google.

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A Breath of Fresh Air as a Natural Treatments Magazine Hits the News Agent Shelves

Have you heard of a great health care magazine that often features interesting articles on how to lower high blood pressure naturally on a regular basis?

What The Doctors Don`t Tell You (WDDTY) has now issued it`s monthly magazine in the UK in some leading news agents. But you can also get it online at www.wddty.com.

In the November issue, there is a short article on Olmesartan and a debilitating side effect. There is also a full page on 11 ways to reduce blood pressure naturally written by a leading UK expert on alternative medicine.

WDDTY is an eyeopener into what`s really going on with your health. It covers many health issues, including our children`s and our pet`s.

You may even be looking for news of an e-course to guide you in making diet and lifestyle changes. Easy steps that will have a positive impact to lower high blood pressure. I am working on building a “quiet corner”, where visitors can unwind, and let go, the built up stress of the day, a very real contributor of high blood pressure.Visitors will be able to post pictures of peaceful scenery, nature watches, something you are growing in your allotment that can help reduce blood pressure etc. In fact anything that you think would help people unwind or in some way help bring down blood pressure. It all contributes to informative and helpful high blood pressure news!