A Blood Pressure Test in Time
Saves Nine!


Should you take a blood pressure test?

Campaigns in the UK and the US

During September 2007 the Blood Pressure Association in England first launched a campaign called “Know Your Numbers! Week 2007”, to raise awareness that high blood pressure is a real threat.

Because there are no real noticeable symptoms, blood pressure checks can detect it in its early stages, preventing major health problems later on. A good stop valve for heart disease prevention!

Latest News on Variable Blood Pressure

But apparently, some are slipping through the net! On Saturday 13 May 2010 the published a review that clinical guideline recommendations for episodic hypertension, and variability in blood pressure have their shortcomings.

This implicates that those who occasionally have high blood pressure slip through the net and do not receive treatment because the guidelines say variability in blood pressure readings is not a risk factor. This places them in a higher risk category that those who have treatment options for high blood pressure.

Here is where wisdom comes in when we heed the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.”

In addition to established blood pressure clinics you will have the chance to have your blood pressure taken at stations across the country because there will be an annual campaign on the 16th-22nd September 2013. So spread the word you folks in England and help others stop high blood pressure info in it’s tracts by detecting it early and making the needed lifestyle changes.

You can now download a promotional poster and show your support. Just add the details of your nearest Pressure Stations and place it in the local library, college, university, work place, or anywhere you think it might have an impact.

imageYou can also have the free information pack sent either by post or email if you become a member. It contains practical tips on how to treat blood pressure naturally with a change in lifestyle habits.

Good advice to pass on to family and friends. I should say!

Click here for the Blood Pressure Association for venues across the country. Next year the dates are 16th-22nd September 2013.

In the year 2007/2008, it was National High Blood Pressure Education Month in the US. The theme was Adherence to Treatment and people were encouraged to have a blood pressure test done at locations in their home towns.

National High Blood Pressure Education Month was launched as an awareness campaign, which I am sure England got the idea from. They issue information packs appropriately named “Mission Possible”, all across America at differing venues where they screen for high blood pressure homeopathic treatment and give helpful advice to the public.image

You could have your blood pressure test done in church venues, athletic centers, colleges, and other convenient outposts.

Different food samples were being tasted to help the American Caribbean communities who are at high risk, choose alternative, healthier, diets. That, to me, seemed a very practical and helpful way to help people make the changes.

What has happened to Mission Possible? Is it to do with health care cuts?

You can still help people around you become aware of keeping their heart and circulation healthy. Pass on the info you like from this website. You can spread the word to family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Make a topic of daily conversation. We will call it “Shout Out Your Numbers” campaign! We can still take control of our own lives!

We have the power. For example, at a County Health Dept. in Ohio they had displays in their lobby on exercise, high blood pressure and stroke and as well as the blood pressure checks, they were planning on sending news releases to local radio, TV, and the press about high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease prevention.

So what are you going to do? Get going! Get active! We have the internet! Create a Buzz! You never know. The excitement you generate might help bring down your blood pressure.