Clary Sage Aromatherapy
A Very Essential Oil!

Clary Sage my

Polyphenol antioxidants, Linalool, linalyl! Clary Sage aromatherapy oil (Salvia sclarea), or Clarysage, contains them all!

But why should these three ingredients interest us? Well among others, this essential oil has been recognised for helping to reduce high blood pressure treatment natural foods.

Polyphenol Antioxidants

Clary sage is one of the highest in orac value. As much as 221,000 on the orac scale! That is very high, but what benefits does that have towards hypertension reduction? We know that nutrients are metabolized by the body and essential oils are no different. They are absorbed through the skin and actually stay in the body for 7 or more hours. The higher the orac value of an oil, the more impact against free radicals that cause damage to tissue and organs.

This essential oil contains Rosmarinic acid, a polyphenal antioxidant carboxylic acid that is found in many Lamiaceae herbs.

It is very much a ladies essential oil, because it also helps combat skin aging, contains phytoestrogens helping menopausal problems and PMS. But guys, don`t worry! It won`t affect you in any strange way.

Linalool and Linalyl Acitate in Clary Sage

Now lets take a look at the benefits of Linalool and Linalyl acitate. These two components act as anti-inflammatories. That`s good news if you have inflamed arteries. A test was conducted at Sassari University in Italy on the feet of rats. Carrageenin, a substance from seaweed that causes inflammation was injected into the rat`s feet. (I am against this kind of research but would like to let you know the outcome) When Linalool with it`s component, Linalyl acetate, was administered by the researchers, it reduced edema, a watery fluid caused by the inflammation. Their conclusion? The results obtained indicate that linalool and the corresponding acetate play a major role in the anti-inflammatory activity displayed by the essential oils containing them, and provide further evidence suggesting that linalool and linalyl acetate-producing species are potentially anti-inflammatory agents.

Working on the Emotions

The scent of Clary Sage is used for calming the nervous system, to ease tension and stress. For those who love it, try it for a good night`s sleep, but not everyone likes the scent. It is to those who like it, warm and woody and herbal, but to those who hate it, it`s said to smell like tobacco with an earthy smell.

You will find too that it has a mild narcotic effect, so if you are going to use it, stay away from narcotics, the driver`s wheel, and don`t mix with alcohol.

What you can mix it with are, lavender and geranium blends, both essential oils for high blood pressure.