The Dash Diet
Clinically Proven to Reduce Blood Pressure!

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Did you know that the Dash Diet has been shown to reduce high blood pressure just as effectively as your average medication, and within the space of 2 weeks? It is also recommended by the American Heart Association.

You don’t have to forfeit those foods that you like, just reduce them, because the diet promotes eating lots of fruit and vegetables; poultry, fish, whole grains and nuts in moderation; low fat yoghurts and dairy products. You can still have red meats and sweets, which most of us really find it hard to cut out anyway, but those foods are greatly reduced in this diet.

Proven Clinical Studies

The name D.A.S.H means, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, a clinical study conducted by scientists for the National Blood, Lung and Heart Institute.

They tested the different nutrients in food and their reaction on blood pressure and the Dash diet was born. So in addition to those who already are hypertensive, anyone who is pre-hypertensive would benefit from going on this diet, even preventing the condition, provided you don’t have other contributing factors like constant stress, smoking, too much alcohol and lack of exercise. You could say it is the best of the high blood pressure diets around. dash cartoon

Salt Sensitive?

Everyone is aware of the need to cut down on salt to reduce high blood pressure, and that`s great. But the researchers have found, cutting down on salt along with the Dash diet gives even better results. A clinical test was also conducted that gave proven results that testify to that fact. It was appropriately named DASH-Sodium, and the researchers found that the lowest sodium level of only 1,500 mgs per day, along with this diet, reduced blood pressure the most.

Helping to Reduce Weight

The Dash Diet plan is not a weight reduction program, although it can help you loose weight because of the low calorific foods that are emphasized. But if you want even better results by reducing your weight too, you can exchange some of the recommended foods in the plan for lower calorie substitutes.

One point I differ to agree with about this diet or any other diet as it happens, is, they are said to contain enough vital minerals to maintain good health. My husband and I always supplement our diets with ionic minerals and antioxidants, in combination with plenty fruit and vegetables, because we have seen and heard enough evidence to convince us that the farming soils around the world are depleted of the minerals that our bodies need for optimum health.

That being the case, the only sensible step to take is to supplement. The nutrients won’t appear out of thin air! Never-the-less, the Dash diet is an excellent, proven diet that really works. You also get added bonuses with the book. 2 weeks of diet plans and 61 recipes for high blood pressure that will help you to make the transition over to healthier eating habits.