Exercises for Obesity
Brings Rapid Weight Loss

Do you find yourself recoiling when your doctor starts talking about exercises for obesity that`s a must if you are to reduce your blood pressure? Thoughts of running, or should I say struggling on treadmills and doing 100 sit-ups no doubt will turn anyone into a defeatist in no time.

Not only that, you can`t escape fact that hypertension and obesity are connected and that you need to do something.

Fat accumulating around the abdomen and obesity can lead to damaged blood vessels that will give rise to high blood pressure. The condition produces high levels of CRP (C-reactive protein) in the blood, a marker for inflammation.

The extra workload and inflammation puts the body under stress causing an increase of the hormone aldosterone, a trigger for sodium retention.

I could go on and on blinding you with science, but I don`t really think you want to know the ins and outs of why fat causes high blood pressure, but rather, what reasonable exercises for obesity can you manage that will bring it down. Am I right? But there`s no magic pill out there to transform your body for you.

Well, I am happy to disclose that you can accomplish more by working with your body rather than against it, which the majority of us are trying to do. There are exercises that are do-able, but not the kind you would normally associate with loosing weight.

We are talking about weight training, resistance training, and strength training exercises that build stronger muscles, and not the high impact, aerobic exercises that can be very difficult if you have excess weight.

Maybe you`re thinking, “I`m getting on a bit” for this kind of stuff, that`s only for young, virile men, and not for male or female baby boomers like me”. If this is how you see it, then think again. We are not talking about body building with big popping muscles, which is ok if you want that, but moderate strength training. It can actually help you slow down and reverse the aging process that`s happening quicker than it needs to.

Think about it! Do you find walking upstairs, doing the housework, or other menial chores a strain? The more inactive you become the more weaker you become, because your muscles are simply not being flexed. But not only do you become out of condition, your body`s resistance to disease lowers, your blood pressure increases, your metabolism falters, you begin to put weight around the middle and midriff, and many more ailments that are mistakenly associated with aging.

Rapid weight loss exercises for obesity and minor weight problems can be easy and enjoyable with the right exercises tailored for you, good eating habits, and the needed motivating force behind you.

Many people fail simply because they are not doing the right kind of exercise, and they become disillusioned when their bodies hold on to the fat rather than loose it. Motivation then disintegrates. To stop that happening to you, don`t try going it alone. Without someone to help you exercise correctly, it will seem like there`s a mountain to climb before you even get started. Whereas many who opt for a personal trainer are more likely to succeed because of the positive and professional help behind them.

Training With Exercises for Obesity

Take a trip down to your local gym and find a personal trainer. Or you can start off at home doing some simple beginner exercises that this report recommends.

Need More convincing?

Do you still doubt that you could do exercise for obesity and win? Here is additional proof that weight loss exercises in resistance training is effective for boosting health and helping reduce high blood pressure in older as well as younger adults. The Harvard Medical School has published the book Strength and Power Training: A Guide for Adults of All Ages.

See a review of it Harvard Medical School – Strength and Power Training: A Guide for Adults of All Ages.

While you are procrastinating, you are loosing time. Precious time that you could be enjoying with a healthier new you and a successful lowering of blood pressure with or without the help of prescription drugs.