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Potassium Foods

Complete Potassium Foods List
1.Dulse, 2.Kelp, 3.Sunflower seed, 4.Wheat germ.
5.Almond, 6.Raisin, 7.Parsley, 8.Brazil nut.
9.Lettuce, 10.Endives, 11.Lamb`s quarters, 12.Radishes.
13.Cabbage, 14.Dandelion Root, 15.Dill.
16.Cucumber, 17.Spinach, 18.Figs, 19.Dates, 20.Avocado.
21.Wheat Bran, 22.Pecans, 23.Yam, 24.Swiss Chard, 25.Soybean.
26.Garlic, 27.Tomato, 28.Beans, 29.Celery Root, 30.Garden Cress
31.Asparagus, 32.Carrot, 33.Plum, 34.Radish, 35.Turnip
36.Mushroom, 37.Walnut, 38.Millet, 39.Banana, 40.Broccoli
41.Squash, 42.Coriander, 43.Red Cabbage, 44.White Cabbage, 45.Turmeric
46.Cayenne, 47.Chives, 48.Eggplant, 49.Beet, 50.Lentils
51.Papaya, 52.Peach, 53.Orange, 54.Raspberry, 55.Strawberry
56.Cherry, 57. Grape, 58. Onion, 59. Apple

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