High Blood Pressure Products
and Supplementary Support

We have selected quality high blood pressure products such as electronic BP monitors, electronic and hand massaging devices that aid circulation.

We also have supplements that may support and maintain the health of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and the nervous system. These aids will help you achieve better results, especially when they are complimentary to your doctor`s advice and treatment.

Proteolytic Enzymes

Maintain the health of your cardiovascular system with proteolytic enzymes, the powerful vigilantes that support the immune system.

Nattokinase Plus (100mg, 90 capsules) Nattokinase Plus (100mg, 90 capsules)

Systemic enzyme for healthy circulation. Nattokinase Plus is a systemic (works through the whole body) enzyme that is created when boiled soybeans are fermented with the probiotic bacteria Bacillus subtilis natto to create the traditional Japanese soy food called natto.

Nattokinase Plus (100mg, 90 capsules)

The Circulation Booster & Electro Reflexologist are also recommended medical devices that can get your blood circulation moving. They are both very easy to use and are ideal for people who are finding walking a real effort. They can even help strengthen the calf muscles so that pain and discomfort in walking disappears.

Blood Pressure Monitors and Circulation Devices and Gadgets

Support your efforts to get well by following expert advice. Home blood pressure monitoring at home is now recommended to supply your doctor with a more accurate description of your overall blood pressure over a period of time.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Lavender oil

Relax and de-stress with Lavender essential oils from France, one of the leading growers of Lavendula Officionalis.

Stress is a major contributor to high blood pressure so it pays to learn ways of reducing tension. Aromatherapy has proven to work. Use in a diffuser, in the bath, or in a herb pillow.

Exercise Equipment

To add to the scope of high blood pressure products I have included exercise machines because exercise is one of the best natural treatments for reducing blood pressure instantly.

For Treadmills, Rowing machines, Exercise Bikes, and other fitness equipment.

There`s a buzz going around to do with families and the Nintendo wii fit. Everyone wants to join in and it`s infectious and fun, and that`s the ingredients for a regular workout. Right?

Natural Diuretics

Are you thinking of changing to natural diuretics ? (water pills)

I have frequent emails from visitors to this site asking me what are alternative natural diuretics that they can take, because they are suffering from the side effects of pharmaceutical diuretics.

Click here to learn which 5 popular natural diuretics give a powerful alternative and some others that you can add to your shopping list.


Hypertension King – How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally, stresses the 3 myths surrounding high blood pressure medication and how to help yourself using natural methods.

How to Lower Blood Pressure Using Foods, Herbs, and Natural Supplements offers practical information and guidance on which foods to incorporate into your diet that will have an effect on your blood pressure. Get the benefits from herbs by knowing which are the most effective, and what to look out for when using natural supplements. This program guarantees your money back if you are not satisfied.

If you understand the importance of eating mostly alkaline foods in your diet, these 30 Alkaline Diet Recipes will add an additional and necessary category to your cook book library.



Are you stumped about what to eat to keep your blood pressure in check? Would you like to have a book to refer to before planning your meals? Some of you may feel overwhelmed at the complexity of changing to a diet that will help reduce your blood pressure. A book on the dash diet is at your fingertips. It was specifically introduced for high blood pressure making it a lifesaver in the kitchen.

There are many other books on diets that may interest you too and will give you fresh ideas.

Detoxify your WHOLE body for maximum effect before you start using any high blood pressure products.

pHion D-tox helps to eliminate bacteria, yeast, and fungi – as well as the toxins they produce – throughout your body. Plus, it will give your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system a detox tune-up. Eliminates yeast, fungi, and bacteria. pHion D-tox contains a comprehensive blend of herbal extracts and dietary ingredients that kill yeast, fungi and harmful organisms.pHion D-tox – Capsulesimage

Why is body pH balance important for maintaining optimum health of the cardiovascular system? You will find some information on this subject that takes precedence to other practical self help topics, because a constant acidic body will undermine all your efforts to help yourself naturally. See my page on body pH balance.