Improve Blood Circulation – High Blood Pressure Treatment and Prevention

Many people are desperate to know how to improve blood circulation, treatment options for high blood pressure info, a cause as well.

If your feet feel like cold iron and your legs feel tight or painful when you walk and are swelling up below the knees and around the ankles, you may be suffering from poor blood circulation and here is self treatment for high blood pressure. If we are truthful, we must say that stress is the main culprit to blood pressure. Most people are familiar with this, but keeping stress down is easier said, than done. We can recommend a few tricks to minimizing it that you can use, for example casino games can be somewhat stressful. That is because of the money we involve in them to make things more interesting, while at the same time making it more stressful. That’s where sites like come in. Freerolls mean the poker tournament is free to enter, money is an afterthought here and fun is the priority.

Watching our diets can be tricky if we are not good at planning and shopping for healthy meals, or used to eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Even the reliance on prescription drugs doesn`t merit the trust that we once had in them. And as we have mentioned, walking is not always easy to do or keep up with, depending on the weather or how physically mobile we are. So what can we do to ensure good results? I will discuss these first and then we will briefly mention diet, exercise, and herbs because I have wrote pages on those methods already.

But before you take action you need to be sure, so make an appointment with your doctor. He will arrange test to be done to diagnose if that`s the case.

If the answer is yes, then there is much you can do to help yourself. Beware if the doc wants to prescribe any sort of medication before he advises you on natural ways to try and relieve the problem. Who wants to take any more pills than they really need to?

Knowledge about the way blood circulates around the body will help you understand what you can do to help. Look out for that page coming!

The Solutions

Use a Electronic Circulation Booster

There are excellent therapies like massage, reflexology, and acupuncture.

The Electro Reflexologist device, which can safely get the blood flowing again using revolutionary therapeutic technology is a very effective solution.

It has been scientifically proven that using these devices at least for 30 minutes twice a day can significantly increase blood circulation and also have dramatic improvement for ailments such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Fluid Retention
  • Post Stroke
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Varicose Veins
  • DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
  • Sleeping Disorder
  • Muscle tone
  • Multiple Scleroses
  • Aches and Pains
  • Stress and Fatigue

How to Improve Blood Circulation Using This Device

Sitting comfortably in a chair, you place your feet on the unit, switch on and adjust the settings and then let it go to work by sending tiny electrical impulses through the nerve endings in the soles of your feet and the lower part of your legs. Your muscles will then start to gently contract and relax and start pumping that blood back to the heart to be oxygenated.

Dr. Anders Cohen, Consultant, Kings College Hospital London said of the electro-reflexology unit that it helps the muscles to contract. When the muscles contract they push the blood up the veins. The veins have valves to stop the blood going back and that keeps the blood flowing to reduce the risk of DVT and also the risk of a serious condition called Pulmonary Embolism where the clot moves from the legs into the lungs. This is an excellent idea…”

The same principle works with circulation socks that are interwoven with silver fibers to distribute electrical impulses to the muscles. This kind of unit is great for traveling when you are more likely to be sitting for long periods of time, for example, during flights or long car journeys, and they are a vital piece of kit if you are confined to bed.

Useful Features – The socks have a long lead to the controls and they are washable.

Why it works – A Natural Foot Pump

You have a natural pump in the sole of your foot, consisting of a series of large veins called the Plantar Venous Plexus. These veins fill with blood and when we walk, the blood is forced out and up the leg.

How does it work? When your foot is flattened the Venous Plexus is stretched and the blood squeezed out. It is natures way of helping the blood back from the extremities of the feet to the heart.

Usually after using the electro-stimulation device for a few weeks it strengthens the muscles so that walking becomes a pleasure again. Walking is the best way to take advantage of the natural pump we have been given in our feet.

Hand Massage Therapy

Pressure points on the foot souls, ankles and calves are massaged, stimulating the muscles which push blood back to the heart.

This is much nicer and than using the above method if you can afford a therapist to work on you every day. Most of us don`t have that much spare cash but you do have family! Just a hint!

You can also use foot and body rollers to massage the bottom of your feet and leg calves stimulating the blood flow. I learned on a recent trip to Abbey Mills Market in Mitcham, that using an instrument called a hand acupressure roller, used in Koryo Hand Therapy, can increase blood circulation of the entire body. When I tried the therapy out, within seconds my hands were generating a lot of heat. The same principle must work with foot rollers too which are covered in nodules.

I was most surprised to see how easy it is to carry out home therapy, and how many ways you can help to keep the circulation in your legs moving. I have even used a tennis ball when seated at my computer, to massage the bottom of my feet. Not only did it feel good, it helped to lessen the tightness I was feeling in my legs when walking, after sitting long hours.

Hydrotherapy – 3 Areas

1. How to Improve Blood Circulation in Your Legs Using Hydrotherapy

Start off by making sure you are warm, the room is warm, and you warm up a pair of knee length socks. Fill a deep tub or bucket with cold water, step in, and tread water for 10 seconds, lifting each knee up high with each step. Finish by wiping off excess water from the legs, thoroughly drying toes, and putting on the warm socks.

2. How to Improve Blood Circulation in Cold Feet

To circulate blood in cold feet, start by warming a pair of socks and keep them warm, then alternately step into a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes, right foot first, and then into a bowl of cold water for 10 seconds, also right foot first. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times and finish by wiping off excess water, thoroughly drying toes and then putting on the warm socks.

3. How to Improve Blood Circulation To The Whole Body

Use Hydro-massage or Thermal bath massage, which simply works by pumping air, with or without ozone, through hydro-jets that can be set to target different muscles in your body.

Has this been proven to work? Well after considering what the doctors said about the effects of stimulating the muscles using Electro-stimulation, the same results are reached by stimulating the muscles using hydro-massage. The only difference is, hot water is used in hydro-massage which also has a beneficial affect on blood vessels, an extra bonus when using this therapy.

Consider this: A study carried out on 15 people by the Mayo Clinic revealed that after exercise, there was an average blood pressure rise of 121/73 to 170/84, but after a soak in a hot tub, their blood pressure dropped on average, from 117/77 to 106/61 while their heart rate increased.

Another physical aid you could include is the spa bath mat. I have used this therapy aid and really felt the effects when I emerged from the bath. Great if you don`t have a built in spa tub.

Now a quick mention on how diet, herbs and exercise can help circulation and high blood pressure problems.


There are several diets designed to help circulation and high blood pressure. The DASH diet and Mediterranian diet have been proven to be the most effective. Get the books and start changing the way you eat. You will experience immediate results. Afterall, isn`t that what your doctor was telling you all along? The resorting to drugs are his way of saying, “You are not taking control of your own health so I have to give you an inferior alternative.”

Herbs and Enzymes

Supplementing our diets with minerals, vitamins and herbs will always do us good if we know how to use them. There are herbs that can help strengthen blood vessel walls and open up arteries. Others  that thin the blood and strengthen the immune system. While certain enzymes break down fibrin helping our vessels stay free of blood clots.

Vitamins and minerals that give our liver, heart and kidneys the nutritional support they need to help manage circulation and high blood pressure because they cleanse us of pollutants and wastes and help support and heal those vital organs.


Oops! That`s that word again! Seriously, exercise becomes enjoyable when you make a start of keeping it regular and don`t push it too much. Believe me! You are designed for it!


People with circulatory problems should consult their doctors before embarking upon any therapy.

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