Learn How to Take Blood Pressure With a Home Monitor

It will relieve a lot of anxiety if we learn how to take blood pressure with a digital monitor at home.

Some consumers find the instruction books rather bewildering so they are inclined to just guess it out. But a monitoring devise will produce contradictory results if instructions are not followed, leading the owners to think they have a faulty product.

Top rated monitors are given a strict testing before they are ready for the market, but some brands don`t and perform poorly so a careful choice of monitor is wise. Many customers have to return their purchases because of poor choice but most problems that arise with good products boil down to the end user.

Following instructions and taking a few practice readings help familiarize customers with their product, and having another person work it out along with them helps reduce the fear that many experience when faced with using a medical gadget for the first time. Of course, asking a doctor how to take blood pressure at home should be the first step if the patient has not been advised about it.

Once confidence is raised, regular readings at specific times can begin with the use of number charts and ranges.

First thing in the morning and last in the evening are the usual frequecy for blood pressure monitoring. Once awake time should be taken to get up and sit on a comfortable chair at a table that can support the arm at heart level. After staying relaxed for 5 minutes blood pressure can be taken. Many of the latest monitors take a double or triple reading and average it for accuracy.

Bathing and dressing, drinking beverage, and breakfasting should be carried out after monitoring. If this is ignored readings will differ repeatedly.

Evening monitoring is best performed about an hour after eating and when relaxed and sitting down.

Proper fitting cuffs are necessary for accurate readings. There are blood pressure monitors that have readjusting cuffs with illustrated directions on how to take blood pressure accurately by fitting the cuff correctly. They are designed to fit a range of arm widths. If more than one person is using a monitor this is a better choice.