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On Hypertension Video we have some interesting topics which merit your attention. Not only are they subjects that are not spotlighted in the mainstream but are portrayed as absurd.

I invite you to listen for yourself and make your own evaluation.

Dr. John Bergman talks about High Blood Pressure the Common Sense Solution. This may be your problem. Body posture, pain and breathing can cause elevated blood pressure. You will only know if you listen to the video.

This Hypertension video has for it`s theme, oxidative stress, a high factor in the development of blood pressure. Listen to the different areas that are not normally mentioned by health professionals.

I thought the following hypertension video was rather funny. Not that being diagnosed with the disease is anything but funny, I just want to help you feel more positive about doing something to help yourself.

Patrick House is paying it forward so I am doing it too. For obese teens life can be a roller coaster of eating and dieting, feelings of depression soon kick in. High blood pressure soon kicks in and as Patrick says, some kid`s parents will outlive them. It`s a sad time we are living in but if we can get the message across to as many as we can we are winning.