The Ideal pH Balance (This is part 2 of the 4 Definite Steps for Quick Results E-course. Here is Part 1, Part 3, and Part 4.)

The ideal pH of our body fluids is roughly 7.4, (7.365 to be precise). This is not hard to maintain but requires stick-ability using the pH balance diet, which may help in reducing high blood pressure.

You already started the ball rolling by drinking fruit juice in the morning before breakfast and plenty of water through the day. I want to encourage all to try and continue to make the changes and maintain the ideal pH balance. It is well worth it when you feel and see the results.

Some of you may not want to give up your eating habits. I encourage you to at least try and give it a go before you say you can`t. It`s not hard if you take it step by step. Then if you still decide that this is not for you, why not let a friend know about this e-Course so they may benefit from it.

This course also may not be the solution to your high blood pressure. It could be due to hereditary or other factors, but by using it you will still benefit health-wise in other ways, which will inadvertently help your condition.

Be prepared that some family members and friends won`t take you seriously when you tell them you want to take control of your health by altering to the ideal pH balance diet, but it is important that they do. You need their support so let them know you are determined.

Allow from 3 to 14 days of feeling the opposite from what you would expect to feel, especially if you are making greater changes to your diet. I found that just by cutting out for a few days on coffee and tea gave me a headache, which I nursed by sleeping a lot. Not that this diet actually asks you to cut these beverages out completely. That was a personal choice of mine. The point is not to revert to painkillers if it affects you the same way. You don`t want to be putting those toxins back in.Regeneration may last for perhaps 10 days or for several weeks as you gradually restore the ideal pH balance. You may feel lethargic and weak, but don`t give up because the body is simply healing itself. This phase is normal and will pass. Keep monitoring and recording your blood pressure in the morning and in the evening before hot drinks and meals.Healing occurs in waves. I use the word waves instead of cycles, because cycles give the impression of conditions staying the same and just re-occurring, but waves are different. Each time a wave recedes it comes back even stronger and higher up the beach. This pictures the healing process. You will feel stronger and better after a week or so and then you may start breaking out in pimples, or catching colds and generally feeling ill. Not everyone is the same, but if you notice symptoms similar to these, happening to you, really your body is just experiencing the first wave. You will bounce back feeling even better than before. This process goes on as the different organs of your body recover.

Dr. John Millwood who practiced as a GP in England for 30 years before opening his own clinic for complimentary medicine and allergies in 1995, is often invited as a guest on radio shows, and talks about all manner of health issues. According to Dr. Millwood, the most significant factors obvious to him is that since he became a GP back in 1962, treating thousands of people, many could have avoided sickness if they had looked into their diet and paid more attention to their immune system. He went on to say that most medical people would agree that we should be eating 5 to 7 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, but he emphasized the question, why?

He mentioned that if we were able to understand the reasons why we should eat more fruit and veg, we would be more inclined to do something about it, and give ourselves the best chance of defending ourselves against aging.We know we all have to age, but we can slow that process down if we look after our cardiovascular system, making sure our blood maintains the ideal pH balance.The reason, according to Dr. Millwood, actually concerns the whole body pH balance, our body fluids.He puts it this way! pH values are to acid and alkaline what temperatures are to hot and cold. We feel most comfortable when our bodies are at a temperature of 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and it only takes a couple of degrees either way and we begin to feel unwell. The pH scale from acidic to alkaline is from 0 – 14, and in the middle, 7 is neutral. Very few substances are neutral. Most including food are acidic or alkaline. When our bodies digest and metabolize food, it forms an ash residue, whether it`s acidic or alkaline depending upon our diet. For example, food high in protein is acidic. Eating too many acidic foods that form acid ash, and our bodies become slightly acidic and our ability to deal with that and neutralize the residue is vital to feeling well and protecting against the effects of aging and chronic disease.After listening to Dr. Millwood, I think this is why the pH balance diet may help you in reducing high blood pressure. Acidic blood only inflames the arteries and veins, narrowing the aperture, which in turn helps push your blood pressure up. By eating more alkaline food to restore the ideal pH balance, we may reverse the condition.

Everything living has a pH level. In your garden, some things just won`t grow if the soil is too acidic. We are just the same. Too many acid foods and we tip that balance and can`t maintain good health. We are over 2/3 water, so our body fluids and blood function better when they are slightly alkaline which is almost 7.4, the ideal pH balance. It only takes a small change in diet and we become slightly acidic.

Some of the illnesses that we could develop, that the doctor mentioned are, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, or even cancer.Let`s use the “goldfish in a bowl” example! One of the attractions I liked about fairs when I was young, was throwing a ball at a coconut to knock it off, or looping rings onto pegs to win a goldfish. If you were really good you won the bowl too. As a child, I had a lot to learn about looking after this tiny little fish. One of the mundane tasks was changing the water regularly. If you didn`t, the fish soon began to behave rather strange and started to look sick.

My first thought would be to ask mum what was wrong with my fish, perhaps maybe thinking that it needed to go to the vet. Well I eventually learned that it was a simple matter of changing the water. Yes, correcting the fluids in the bowl by changing the water, the fish soon recovered and swam merrily around the bowl again.

Our bodies need the same treatment, and although the fluid needing correcting is on the inside, our organs and cells are bathed in it. If the body fluids are not an ideal pH balance, then their performance will deteriorate. (Click the Goldfish to learn how our drinking water can affect our body pH balance ) Will going to the doctor, just to have the symptoms treated really rectify the condition? The answer is no! Only if we ourselves address the cause by altering our diet, we will be helping the condition to clear up. Just like the goldfish in the dirty water.

Frequent this page as you move along with the changes. It will inspire you to continue until your eating habits are established.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to fill out the help form below.Remember and consult your doctor before attempting to apply any of the information found in this series of articles. (See Disclaimer)

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