Lemon Essential Oil
Alleviates Stress
Lowers Blood Pressure

Let`s take a look at the benefits of lemon essential oil. It has its place in combating high blood pressure like the whole fruit which is proving to be a major health benefactor across the board.

Even among the major aromatherapy oils it has many actions. The ones we are interested in are anti-inflammatory, calming, sedative, anti-therotic, hypotensive, circulation stimulant (rubefacient), and diuretic.image

When massaged into the skin with a carrier oil it increases blood flow by dilating the capillaries near the skin surface making it red. Substances that have this action are called rubefacients. But caution is needed when using it in massage. It contains the chemical compound citral, an Monoterpene aldehyde, which is highly irritating to the skin. I have experienced this effect when using lemon as a deoderant for a short time even although I don`t have sensitive skin. So use only after mixing with a base oil and on parts of your body not exposed to sunlight as lemon oil is also a photosensitizer.

How Lemon Essential Oil Works By Aromatic Diffusion

This chemical compound citral which gives lemon its smell, can be effective for hypertension by aromatic diffusion and inhaling the vapor. It has a sedative effect on the central nervous system which can calm nervousness, anxiety and stress.

It stimulates the Limbic System, our brain`s center which controls emotions and other sensory reactions. Our nose and sense of smell are connected through the nervous system to it, so instantly we have a reaction, or our memory is triggered to a particular smell. Lemon has a calming effect on stress. Anyone who has stress related high blood pressure could possibly benefit from this therapy. It doesn`t matter if you use a diffuser or put a few drops in the bath, the action works through smell sensors. A bath however has further benefits as it helps soothe and relax your mind and body.

Lemon Essential Oil
Can Work From The Inside Out

Let`s talk about atherosclerosis. It is a major artery problem that contributes greatly to raised blood pressure. The arteries become less supple, harden and get damaged. Lemon helps repair and strengthen connective tissue because of its vitamin C content. Vitamin C is needed to produce collagen which keeps the arteries supple.

The diuretic effects come through ingestion, so basically that means you drink it with water and lemon juice. By doing that regularily you increase the rate of urination ridding the body of excess fluid. Beats a pharmaceutical diuretic.

This is all good news for hypertension. Now lets learn how to use the oil safely and effectively.