Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally by
Finding Time to Keep Fit & Motivated

Hello and welcome back! This article showing how to help lower high blood pressure naturally is the last part of the 4 Definite Steps for Quick Results E-course. Exit at the bottom of this page for parts 1, 2, and 3 if you missed those steps.

How Are You Doing?

You may be seeing some impressive results by now. If not, keep going! People vary in the time the body needs to heal, depending on their condition and how much they have stuck to the guidelines. If you have problems walking or have swollen legs or feet, you may have circulation problems and are caught in a “catch 22” situation. See my page on how to improve blood circulation for ways of overcoming that problem.

What is important is that you keep motivated.

Continue monitoring and recording your blood pressure. Take note of how well you feel too. It will help if you read over all 4 installments and some additional reference books. Not too many, as we are going to start saving time for the last activity.

This list of books are excellent reading. They will boost your confidence in the choice you have made.

Before You Take that Pill: Why the Drug Industry May Be Bad for Your Health

My Review

More people are becoming aware that many prescription drugs present risks that are undisclosed to the public. Dr. J. Douglas Bremner, a researcher and clinician at Emory University makes an assessment of the risks of 300+ prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements. This book exposes the corruption in the drug industry that could be putting your health at risk. Impelling reading!

The Great Cholesterol Con: In the second section of this book, the author discusses the impact of Stress (chapter 14) on our cardiovascular system. On Food (chapter 15) he discusses extensively about our need of nutrients to support bodily systems. Learn what Free Radicals (chapter 17) are and how they cause havoc to the CV system and what they do to cholesterol. Section Three (chapter 24) discusses in detail about Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Co-enzyme Q10, other important minerals and nutrients that battle against CHD and high blood pressure.

Although these chapters cover only a small section of sub-topics the book addresses, the evidence is so convincing, that making the choice to lower high blood pressure naturally seems a wise one. I give top marks for this book!

YOU: On a Walk: Here is an audio CD you may wish to invest in. If motivation is what you need to accomplish your goal, take along the beat of music and doctors advice as you join in on a walking tour highlighted below.

Other Useful Books

The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book, 4th edition: The Definitive Guide to Designing Your Personal Supplement Program

Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Body Chemistry & Nutrition
Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals, & Supplements: The Complete Guide

Action to Get You Motivated Paste the following url into a new browser window

Take a look at this idea http://www.walks.com/Homepage. Seek out organized walks in your own home town. They are a great way to get those legs moving while your mind is preoccupied. Usually they are quite cheap. Less than what you might pay for a session in a health center. You could even arrange a walk with family or friends if the budget is a bit tight. You could do the same if you ride a bike.

Walking has been proven to help lower high blood pressure naturally so get those feet on the street.

IVV logo Have you seen this logo before?

It`s the logo for the IVV (International Volkssport Federation). This is an international, non-competitive, walker`s organization with incentives to help you make it a frequent activity. Find out the nearest club to you by visiting the International site first, choose your country from the links on the Direct Members Club page, and start walking to help lower high blood pressure naturally. Note: I tried to load the main International site but found it was busy most of the time. If you encounter the same problem, then try going through the British site, link to your country at the bottom, then bookmark the page.

This following article is about the experience of someone who joined the IVV. It is also inspiring and could be just what you need. – http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2006/Apr/28/sp/FP604280349.html. Some clubs charge a small fee, while others are free.

Hoola Hoop Girl

I have other ideas that come to mind too that may help lower high blood pressure naturally. Buy a Hula hoop innovation for workout– Acu Hoop 5 lb. Boxed

Girls! How many times have to reminisced about doing this again? Your oscillating hips should work up a sweat and get that nitric oxide working. Personally, I chose this model because the others, with their protruding parts, can get a bit sore and may cause bruising. This certainly gives me a great work out and it`s actually classed as an aerobic exercise. (See my page on Swimming Exercise and Hypertension, where I explain how aerobic exercise can help lower high blood pressure naturally.)

It might be tricky to begin with like me, if you never mastered it when you were young, but soon you will have the hoop spinning to your favorite beats and be able to keep it up for 1 record, then 2, then 3. It`s great fun. Try it!

Have you thought of Double Dutch Skipping? Ok, maybe not! How about line dancing? love it! That conjures up in my mind, images of the film “Cool Runnings”, when a Jamaican bob sleigh team joined in a line dance. Very funny movie.

How about other dance styles? Always a good idea and you have much to choose from, such as modern, ballroom, country and western, salsa, African, folk dance, square dancing, tap dancing? There is always dance classes being held in most towns.

Join a sports center and alternate sport activities every week. Practice your new activity at home for a half hour. Try Rowing! Get a aerobic video and get together with a few others who want try a workout! You could take turns in each other`s homes. Have you tried water aerobics to reduce blood pressure?

There are so many sport and leisure activities you can choose from. If you like the main stream sport activities like swimming, jogging, cycling etc., then go for it, but whatever you choose, keep at it! Remember your goal is to lower high blood pressure naturally.

Are you excited now? Or is time an issue and it`s burst your bubble? lady walking

Time to Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

Some people feel they don`t have enough time to squeeze in a “keep fit” activity. So I am going to show you how to identify time wasting occupations. Here are some practical ideas to save you time.

First, plan a meeting with the family to discuss the topic, “Time Saving in the Home”. Help them to see it`s for a good cause, and what better cause than for mum or dad to get back their health and be around for many more years to come. Not only that, the family will appreciate meeting together to consult about the matter. Their response will depend on how they feel about it. You want to motivate them to support you.

Here are some suggestions for your agenda that you can discuss.

Organizing the home

Organizing the home can save you hours for physical activities to help control blood pressure, and the family can help. Here`s what to do –

Invite everyone to an important sit-down discussion with light refreshments to tempt them to join in. Tell everyone why you arranged the meeting and that you appreciate them coming along, then ask for suggestions on how they can help you achieve your goal to lower high blood pressure naturally.

Help for Mums

Children can put away toys and tidy rooms. Why not suggest it if they don`t. They can help with chores and shopping. Be careful to ask rather than appoint for volunteers, then draw up a rough schedule while they are present. You can polish it up later. Ask for suggestions on other time saving ideas.

Help for Dads

Ask how the family can cut back on some luxuries, save on wasted food by cooking just enough, save by turning off lights or the TV when no one is watching, and any other fuel saving ideas. The family budget will be reduced, so less overtime or less hours at work will be required of you. The same applies for reversed roles. No doubt, this will reduce stress levels too, helping to lower high blood pressure naturally.

How about cutting down on hours watching TV? Select programs that you personally want to watch, then refine that list by choosing the best and discarding the rest. Now there are digital boxes that you can watch your favorite programs whenever you like. Family Help

Prepare Quick, Healthy Meals

Saving on cooking time is also another area to consider. Could you cook a quick meal at least once or twice a week or on the day of your special activity? Quick meals are also healthier because they require less or no cooking, retaining important nutrients for good health. But I thought I would go a step further and introduce you to Raw Foods for Busy People: Simple and Machine Free Recipes for Every Day , a great and healthy alternative. The description of this book put it this way, “It makes a great gift for the raw-curious as well, since it is the simplest and least intimidating raw food recipe book on the market”. I certainly recommend it! Even one meal a week would save so much time and make mealtimes more adventurous and the healthy meals will help lower blood pressure naturally. You could even get away without doing the washing up. If you don`t have a dishwasher then call in the task force.

Light but frequent cleaning can save hours on heavy cleaning. The whole family can clean up after themselves saving mum time picking up, or cleaning up behind everyone.

Now all of you who downloaded this e-Course, obviously use the internet, perhaps on a frequent basis. Have you considered the time you spend on-line searching or answering trivial emails? Can some of these pursuits be prioritized? As you can see, to find time for your special activity, all that is required is a little organizing.

Now you have all the tools needed to help lower high blood pressure naturally.

Good Health!