Magnesium and High Blood Pressure – A Real Issue!

Folk will talk about Sodium, potassium, but rarely about magnesium and high blood pressure when discussing what nutritional measures they can take.

Believe it or not, contrary to popular belief, the magnesium RDA for men is 450gms, and 320 for women.

How often have you heard the famous quote from Dr. Linus Pauling twice a winner of the Nobel Prize, who said, “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”? You may have heard it many times, but have you actually acted on this timely information?

Protect yourself by taking charge of your life. Synthetic substances are not likely to be invented and added to the soils earth wide that will provide us the full range of minerals and trace minerals that we all need.

If we are distracted too much by all the “noise” out there on the net, we may be caught by surprise by the “silent killer” in a difference sense of the word. So stop for a moment and listen to what is being said about magnesium and high blood pressure and use the information.

The Ignored Nutrient Magnesium and High Blood Pressure

Are you familiar with the importance of potassium and sodium? They are the two most talked about nutrients that affect high blood pressure.

Both interact with each other in the body to regulate blood pressure and regulate water in and out of the cells stopping them from dehydrating. Chaos would break out if the balance is wrong, and you will find that evident in people with high blood pressure.

But there is something else missing. We need to juggle with all the balls in this nutritional juggling act, so let`s also talk and learn about magnesium and high blood pressure.

Paul Mason, a member of Life Extension, is concerned about getting the message across. Not only about magnesium and high blood pressure but the drinking habits of Americans which can cause heart disease and cardiovascular problems.

If this sounds strange, it isn’t! Americans like other nations have changed their water source to bottled, and with it comes it’s evils.

Paul Mason has tried to convince not just the individual but he sued the FDA and Justice Department to mandate that all bottled water and soft drinks be fortified with magnesium. He produces evidence based on extensive scientific data that magnesium is a, if not the missing link to heart disease, and high blood pressure control.

Examples of low Magnesium and High Blood Pressure with other complications

“Nature’s Calcium Channel Blocker” is the name they give to magnesium because it does what Calcium channel antagonists do, block calcium. It also modulates vascular tone.

Magnesium stimulates the production of nitric oxide, a mechanism at work when we exercise, helping to relax and dilate blood vessels. Not enough however causes a rise in calcium which restricts them. If more than one illness like high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia or other related symptoms are found in a patient, this is sometimes an amalgamation of systems malfunctioning because of an imbalance of minerals. This is called Syndrome X.

A good example is seen when levels of calcium but low levels of magnesium can cause persons to become obese especially concentrating most of the weight gain around the stomach. These people are highly likely to develop high blood pressure, diabetes and insulin intolerance, known factors contributing to heart attack.

Magnesium and High Blood pressure – Causes of Magnesium Deficiency

There is evidence to suggest that the lack of Vitamin D may be a root cause of magnesium deficiency. As we smear on the UV sun block we are in effect hampering the production of vitamin D which is manufactured from sunlight. Most foods contain very little apart from fish. Fish oil capsules are a popular way of making sure we get our vitamin d as well as other nutrients like omega 3.

Are you prescribed diuretics? If yes, and they are not potassium sparing, it will affect your magnesium levels too. Adding to the chaos, too much calcium or age related factors involving poor mineral absorption can result in magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium and High Blood Pressure – Foods and Supplements

Drinking bottled water for health is a well established and growing trend with many drawbacks. At most you will only find about 30% of magnesium RDA in bottled water, making it a less than adequate source. Finding sources to make up the remaining 70% could be a challenge.

Choosing foods containing magnesium not only can be frustrating but tiring work, trying to find and match up magnesium food sources as well as potassium food sources, and so on. What`s more, as I mentioned above, farming methods and over-production have depleted the soils of vital minerals.

A wise and easier choice would be to supplement the diet with a balanced mineral, trace mineral and vitamin solution, eliminating the headache when planning daily menus.

You can buy a mineral supplement that contains all your minerals, trace minerals and vitamins in ionic form, so they can be absorbed through the intestines and into the cells. Keep in mind, although there is an abundance of good quality potassium, calcium, vitamin d, and magnesium supplements on the market, they need to be in correct measurement in relation to each other, so exercise caution when choosing which supplement to take. I recommend a good magnesium supplement or an ionic solution I have been taking for years, because I have found them effective and safe. For information about these minerals give your details using the personal help box below.

Whether you suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart disease or just want to stay healthy and guard against these death dealing illnesses, give your body all the nutrients it needs to work efficiently. This rule of nature not only applies to these particular diseases, but as Linus Paulus said, “….every sickness, every disease and every ailment….” Make sure you are getting enough magnesium and high blood pressure could be a problem solved.

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