Ionic Minerals – Indispensable in Natural Blood Pressure Remedies

If you are seriously thinking to turn to natural blood pressure remedies to help lower your blood pressure, then you have taken the first step on the road to discovering just how wise a choice that is.

The second step, as you will discern by the time you have considered and digested the information on this page, is to start by supplementing your diet with a balanced ionic minerals solution. But as we all know, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to convince you to have a bite, I will endeavour to explain why minerals are vital building blocks for life and good health, why supplementing is necessary, why any supplement will not do, and which sources are a good choice.

Minerals – The building blocks that take precedence in natural blood pressure remedies

Why should minerals take precedence when choosing natural blood pressure remedies? Here`s the pudding!

Dr. Linus Pauling, who has won the Nobel Prize twice, said, “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” Taking this statement into account then, we can assume that minerals should be considered a most important supplement in all natural blood pressure remedies, because before the body can start to repair itself it needs the very elements to make that repair possible.

The role minerals played in nutrition was at one time not appreciated by nutritionist and doctors, and still today, their importance is played down, and not even recognised by the general public. Yet our bodies, which cannot manufacture minerals, need 60 of them. There are 900 deficiency diseases that are preventable with proper nutritional supplementation, as stated by Dr. Joel Wallach.We are made aware of the importance of vitamins, but without the presence of minerals to combine with these vitamins, other minerals and enzymes, the body processes cannot be regulated. High blood pressure not only can result from an unhealthy lifestyle, but can be the result of a malfunction of certain processes, through a lack of calcium, potassium (hypokalemia), magnesium, copper. These are all directly or indirectly involved in controlling blood pressure.Calcium has a part to play in blood clotting, heart action, activates certain enzymes. Potassium has a large part to play in utilization of proteins and carbohydrates, is an electrolyte which helps regulate heart beat. Sodium (salt) maintains water balance, osmotic pressure in the body fluids and in the cells; kidney function and acid base balance. Magnesium is important for heart function. Copper is a co-factor, vital for the manufacture of elastic fibres in veins and arteries. When artery walls become less flexible it can result in atherosclerosis. So it’s fare to say that minerals should play a leading part in natural remedies for high blood pressure.

Why natural blood pressure remedies should include supplementing with minerals

Many, suggested, natural blood pressure remedies only encourage eating the right kinds of foods to obtain our vitamins and minerals as if they contained all that our bodies need, but this is actually a misconception. Before these food sources can extract minerals from the soil, the soil has to contain them, but scientist have known for decades that the soil does not contain enough minerals to produce mineral rich crops any more.

The farmers use the chemical fertilizers, nitrogen phosphors and potassium which help the crops grow in abundance, and they look good, but because the soil is almost void of the other 85% of minerals that should be present, our food is basically mineral deficient.

In 1936, seventy one years ago, The United States Department of Agriculture issued the US Senate document 264, which categorically stated that, “virtually all soils in the US were mineral deficient. What’s more, in 1992 Scientists at the Earth Summit in Brazil presented documents showing that earth wide the soils were depleted of minerals; a sad state of affairs indeed.

Adding to the crisis, is the problem that synthetic fertilizers can present. They can change mineral ions into insoluble complexes, making it hard for plants to absorb these essential minerals. But there’s another element which is also found to be sparse on agricultural land that is of interest to us. I will mention it later.

So now that I have turned your attention to the wisdom of using supplements as a first step in natural blood pressure remedies, the questions often raised, which you may also want to know, are, “What kind of mineral supplements should I take and is it safe?”. “If they are not in the soil, then where can one obtain them?”.

Minerals need to be soluble and they need to be from the right source. Organic!For example, it has been known for calcium supplements to be flushed from the body without being dissolved only to be found untouched, with even the name of the supplement visible, in drainage filters. The reason this happens is that many calcium supplements are insoluble inorganic calcium carbonate and are not bio-available.

Why some natural blood pressure remedies using mineral supplements may not work well

Organic Colloidal minerals are well known and inscribed by supporters of Alternative Health, because they are thought to be `state of the art` in scientific break through concerning bio-available supplements.

You would not be the only one to think of Colloidal minerals as dissolved minerals, making the particles small enough to be bio-available, but even when a particle of Colloidal minerals can measure from 1 to 1,000 nanometres (1 nanometre measures 1 millionth of a meter), they are only in suspension, not dissolved, and are thought to be too large to infiltrate the cell wall.

Speculation has it that if the particles are attached to an organic compound (Chelation), they would be easily absorbed into the cell, but they have still proved to be too large. Bio-chemists have researched further into how nature does it using Fulvic acid and produced the ultimate product, Ionic Minerals.

Have you heard of Fulvic acid? Folks are prone to confusing it with Folic acid. I always have to repeat the word and still they ask me, “Surely you mean Folic acid?” Even spell check gets confused! Well there exists such an acid and it’s presence is vital for minerals to become the key building blocks in natural blood pressure remedies.

What is this fulvic acid and where does it come from?

I mentioned above that another element was missing from crop soils. This missing element is a microbe that is normally present around the roots of plants. The microbe produces Fulvic acid that breaks down the minerals by striping atoms off one by one producing ionic minerals. Plants are then able to extract the minerals from the soil, making them mineral rich sources that our bodies can assimilate.(This process is a complex one. If you would like more information regarding it please fill out the form below.)As we have mentioned above though, the soil is lacking minerals so from where and how do we get these minerals along with the fulvic acid needed to make them bio-available to our systems?

The best mineral supplements on the market for natural blood pressure remedies

Fulvic acid is water soluble; so much of it has been dispersed into rivers and seas. Also, much of the fulvic acid available contains toxins and heavy metals.

There are however large deposits of Fulvic acid which has leached from Humic Shale interspersed with minerals, and pooled in Southern Utah. These deposits are being mined and refined and made fit for human consumption.

For further information on this and how fulvic acid as an electrolyte aids in the transportation of minerals into the cells, please fill out the form below and submit It.

Obviously, we need to take caution when choosing supplements to use in natural blood pressure remedies. As I noted, some ionic minerals are contaminated with toxins and heavy metals, but also an imbalance of minerals and vitamins can cause serious problems, so know your source and if possible have them produce an ORAC report.

Now you`ve got the pudding, take a bit, taste and see!


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