Noni Juice and Blood Pressure Reduction

Is there a connection with Noni Juice and blood Pressure reduction?

Getting familiar with the plant and it’s history will help you answer the question.

The fruit has been classed along with other, well known powerful herbs because of it’s long use and potency.

Noni fruit

The plant itself isn’t a tree as some may imagine if they happen to hear the Tahitian expression, “painkiller tree”, but it is a shrub or bush that can grow up to about 20 feet tall. It has shiny dark green oval leaves and white flowers.

The fruit looks very strange. To me it looks like an oval with lots of lumps with eyes.

I have yet to taste the raw fruit from off the bush. It has a bitter after-taste and a stinky, pungent smell.

noni plant and skunk cartoon

The connection between Noni juice and blood pressure is that it is claimed to have healing properties that can help reduce or normalize high blood pressure.

It is high in vitamin C, phytonutrients, and selenium, effective antioxidants that combats free radical damage within the blood vessel walls which can lead to atherosclerosis.

It contains scopoletin a compound thought to lower blood pressure, and it is an alkaline which helps maintain the pH balance of bodily fluids, including our blood, reducing again free radical damage.

Researchers are carrying out studies on the fruit`s potential ability for lowering cholesterol, and hypertension, as many people who suffer from these problems have claimed they have benefited from taking it.

While we patiently wait for the results of these tests to be revealed, many of us are following the wisdom of the ancients and using all the parts of the plant to support the bodies healing abilities.

Another connection I have experienced myself between noni juice and blood pressure is when my own husband was diagnosed with high cholesterol.

The doctor was very eager to start him on a course of aspirin and statins. When I learned about this, we both discussed it between us and decided that we would try a natural alternative approach to help him, rather than a course of prescribed drugs that, as his doctor said, would have to be taken for the rest of his life.

We have friends who are taking it for other health problems and are satisfied with the results, also I had heard people say, “drink noni juice and blood pressure will drop”. Reading booklets on the subject, such as “Hawaiian Noni Morinda citrifolia) by Rita Elkins. M.H., which I found very interesting, we were convinced of it’s therapeutic effects and decided to purchase a bottle from a reputable company.

After using it for a few months along with antioxidants and bio-available minerals supplements, the results were fantastic! My husband cholesterol is now normal.

We both continue to use noni periodically on a maintenance level. So far our health is fine.

Another strong factor that connects Noni juice and blood pressure health is the plants history.

It has been cultivated for hundreds of years by Polynesians, Malaysians as well as Hawaiians and Tahitians for it’s therapeutic qualities, and thought to have been the most widely used medicinal plant before Europeans came.

It was so integrated into their culture that it was not only used as a medicine, but as food, cloth dye, shampoo treatment for head lice, a wind barrier for other crops, but most of all it was used as an all round natural medicine cabinet.

Noni fruit and flower

They treated problems such as asthma, constipation, gum disease, fever, skin problems, and many more.

Generation after generation could not have all been quacks. The people passed down the medicinal uses to their children and grandchildren. Could they all have been wrong about this “miracle plant”? I guess not! So drink Noni Juice and blood pressure will…………..? I will let you decide on that.