Nutritional Therapy
Consultations and Diet Plans

Holistic Nutritional Therapy to boost the body`s healing powers.


Jamesina Goulbourne SNHS Dip. (Holistic Nutrition)

A nutritional plan is the first course of action you can take when faced with a health crisis such as high blood pressure.  I offer a consultation service followed by a dietary program in conjunction with herbal aids that are safe to use along with any prescribed medication and additional health problems you may have.

Everyone is unique in their genetic makeup, circumstances, and welbeing and that includes you, therefore I will require you to fill in a personal health profile form with details of any diagnosed health conditions, dietary habits, and any prescribed medications you take. This will ensure the best approach to be taken for you as an individual.

All my clients start with simple dietary changes that have a huge beneficial impact on their health. Not only does this prepare the body for healing but boosts the client`s confidence in his choice of natural therapy.