There are 3 main problems that are caused by poor leg circulation.

  1. Swollen legs and ankles
  2. Pain in the legs and calves
  3. Cold and numb feet

Which one do you suffer from? Swollen legs and ankles? Or do you suffer from all three or more?

Your doctor may have briefly told you why you are experiencing these problems but maybe not enough for you to understand fully in order to make alternative choices.

Doctors rarely have much time these days to spend with their clients. No fault of their own! Health problems created through modern lifestyles, and failing health systems present overcrowding of surgeries with fewer doctors to meet the challenge, so time is scarce and prescriptions are abundant. But drugs are probably the last measure you want to take and especially when they often present their own set of problems.

Because high blood pressure and circulation of the blood are connected, many of you visiting this site, will be experiencing these symptoms. So let`s look at the three main poor leg circulation problems separately to learn what is happening inside our legs and feet, and what are the effective solutions.Before we proceed, however, if you have not been diagnosed by your doctor and are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is wise to make an appointment to determine what are the causes as there are many.

Swollen Legs and Ankles – Poor Leg Circulation Symptom No.1

This is caused by a build up of fluid (peripheral edema) and can cause pain and difficulty of movement or walking. In time you may even notice the color of the skin is turning purple reddish, or bluish. Then it`s time to do something about it.

What is it that causes peripheral edema? When the blood isn`t circulating properly, it can`t help to drain fluids and so they build up in the surrounding tissue causing the legs and ankles to swell.

The skin can become dry and ulcerated with time if the condition is not treated, and continue to deteriorate leading to serious problems such as gangrene and amputation.

There is no need for the condition to go as far as this if you recognize the symptoms and take action to help yourself. The question is, what action can you take? Now keep this question on hold for a while.

Pain in Legs and Calves – Poor Leg Circulation Symptom No.2

This can be quite a scary experience. After just a hundred yards or so of walking, some may feel a gnawing pain in the calve muscles, and the only way to ease it is to sit down. But shortly after beginning to walk again, the pain returns. Why???

If you have been told by your doc that a little walking will do the trick, are you likely to view it as an easy solution under these conditions? Hardly! It`s like a vicious circle.

But why would the doc recommend walking in the first place to ease the pain? The reason is this! Your body is fighting against gravity to get blood and fluids back to the heart and other organs. Your muscles in the soles of your feet and the calves of your legs act as pumps to pump the blood and fluids back to the heart and organs. But if you have poor leg circulation the muscles don`t get enough oxygen to burn “biochemical fuel”, they can`t work, they also need sufficient blood, and when this is restricted, you experience pain. Adding to that, if you don`t get those leg and foot muscles working, and your veins are weak, have poor elasticity, and the valves don`t function properly (venous insufficiency), the blood pools causing a series of problems like the swollen ankles and legs that I mention above.

Now many of you reading this article must be cringing at the thought of walking, because walking to you means pain and how else are you going to get the muscles to work. Is there another way to do it? That question will be answered shortly too. But first let`s talk about the 3rd symptom.

Cold Feet and Numbness – Poor Leg Circulation Symptom No.3

Most people who suffer from poor leg circulation experience numbness in the feet and legs. If blood circulation is poor or blood vessels are restricted, enough nutrients and oxygen and warmth can`t get to the legs and feet causing coldness, numbness and tingling.

You probably notice that when the weather turns cold, the symptoms get worse, and it can feel like a horrible freezing numbness. That happens because on a cold day the body naturally reduces blood flow to the extremities to preserve your body temperature. This is a normal mechanism. So if you suffer with circulation problems, that coldness becomes almost unbearable.If you can boost your blood circulation, warmth blood will return quickly to the extremities, and feet and toes will warm up. But if you add a warming treatment also, then you have an excellent combination to help restore your cold and numb feet. Is there such a combination? Read on!

The Solution to Poor Leg Circulation

Ok! What action can you take for swollen legs and ankles? Is there another way to work those muscles and ease the pain in your legs and calves? Does there exist a combination of therapies that can help restore the warmth and sensitivity to cold and numb feet?The answer to all 3 is a resounding YES! Have you heard of Electro Stimulation? You may think of T.E.N.S, a revolutionary therapy used for the relief of pain in joints and muscles.The same electro stimulation has been evolved into The Electro Reflexology Plus, registered a class 2A medical device CE, that works as a circulation booster, massager, has an Infrared function, a T.E.N.S function, an Acupuncture function, and tones muscles. It`s an all-in-one therapeutic device.This home therapy is recommended by Doctors and Physiotherapists, and medically proven to relieve swelling, numbness, joint and muscle pain, immediately. It`s the solution to your problem!

How does each function work? Just by putting your feet onto the main panel will create a circuit that will get your circulation moving through low frequency electro-waves, stimulating your foot and calve muscles.

How long does it take though to bring down swollen legs and ankles? What if I told you it takes only 3 months, would you be interested? Then again, what if I told you it takes only 2 months, would you be getting excited? But what if I told you it`s proven to take down swelling within 4 weeks? If that does not merit your undivided attention nothing will!

Customers with swollen feet and legs, sore leg muscles, cold feet, MS, diabetes, poor leg circulation and more who bought the Electro Reflexologist have testified that within a matter of a few days their swollen legs and feet have improved and even returned to normal.

I have experience the results myself after using it while I sit here writing pages for this site. Before, I found this lifestyle of sedentary work had an impact on my circulation, causing my feet to swell. Now the problem has disappeared.

Pain that results from walking, is eased and normal walking becomes a pleasure again.

With the stimulation to foot and leg muscles and the added bonus of Infrared light on the main panel (on some models now unavailable), warmth may return to cold and numb feet again. The infrared works by vibrating individual cells. The cells increase in temperature due to the vibration.

The Electro Reflexologist is the solution to any of the problems associated with poor leg circulation. Designed by doctors and electronic engineers, the devices use safe, low frequency, electro waves to target reflect zones, nerves, acupoints, muscles, and capillaries effectively, helping to boost circulation and the body`s natural healing power.

There are additional bonuses that come with both units. The Electro Reflexologist is also effective for body toning, joint pain relief, full body reflexology treatment, while the Electro Reflexologist Plus is a 5 in 1 all body treatment device. It features Reflexology and Acupuncture with added Infrared light function your can switch on. Toning with toning straps for thighs, arms and waist, TENS, and Massage with 8 electro pads.

With all these extra functions, your family will have their eyes on your new machine too.

Start taking care of your legs and your circulation now, and see the results within a few weeks. Make those water pills redundant!

What`s more, the Electro Reflexology units cost less than you would expect a device like this to cost. Buy your unit today and start improving your poor leg circulation.

Safety Note: I you are pregnant, fitted with an implant device (e.g. pacemaker), or suffer from epilepsy, you should not use the Electro Reflexoogist devices.

If you are diabetic, your cold or numb feet could be due to Peripheral Neuropathy, a nerve disorder rather than poor leg circulation. Electro stimulation and Infrared therapy can also help this condition too.

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