High Potassium Sources
Help Bring Down the Pressure

So many foods are known as potassium sources, because most foods contain at least, some of this mineral. But it`s the highest of them that you need to boost your K mineral levels.

If you want to know the highest sources, start at no.1, the beginning of my very rich potassium foods list.

This page lists 5 more foods that are good sources. –

  • Cayenne
  • Chives
  • Eggplant
  • Beetroot
  • Lentils

6. Cayenne – 5.8g (1 tbsp) = 106.74mg of potassium

Cayenne pepper is also included in the high category. For those who like hot food of course!

For centuries this hot little pepper has been used as a tonic for the circulatory system, and what may interest you as well, is it`s ability to reduce platelet stickiness due to the capsaicin it contains.

This substance also contributes to it`s antioxidant properties. Great high blood pressure info to consider. But if you are taking aspirin as a blood thinner, watch the cayenne, or rather, you could take cayenne and other natural blood thinners such as garlic or aloe vera instead of aspirin.

Your doctor may be in agreement with this. Talk to him!

There is talk, however, that cayenne can cause stomach cancer if you eat one pepper a day.

Whether it`s true or not, I don`t know. Current scientific evidence is contradictory so it`s unclear whether it does or doesn`t.

47. Chives – 3g (1 tbsp chopped) = 8.9mg of potassium

I adore chives! They are so versatile and can be added to so many other potassium sources. Adding them to salads as a starter is highly recommended as chives are known to aid digestion and stimulate appetite.

love them with cheese; on baked potatoes with sour cream, or served as a topping with mayonnaise for king prawns on a bed of lettuce. Mmmmmm!

There is also an added bonus when you include chives in your recipes.

They contain alkyl sulfoxides and allyl sulfides, organisulphide compounds, which help to lower blood pressure.

Those of you who have a garden can also enjoy the soft shades of lilac that the pretty flowers display.

48. Eggplant – Aubergine – 100g = 217mg of potassium

Eggplants can be found in a variation of colors. They range from yellow, white, green and purple and reddish-purple and are all good potassium sources for hypertension.

It is a main ingredient in dishes such as moussaka, a rich, meaty dish, and ratatouille, a nice light, healthy dish sautéed in olive oil. I won`t give you my recipe here because I don`t want to encourage sheer indulgence.

Not only does eggplant contain high amounts of potassium, but according to the Institute of

Biology of São Paulo State University in Brazil, its effective in lowering blood cholesterol and can act against free radical damage, which struck me as rather strange because they start turning brown from free radical damage almost as soon as you cut them. ???

49. Beetroot – 100g raw = 325mg of potassium (100g of beet greens steamed = 762mg)

Choose beetroot as one of the best potassium sources, because, not only does it contain a good measure of it in the root and even double in the greens, it has also been recently discovered to reduce high blood pressure due to the nitrate content. See Benefits of Beetroot

If you plan on using beet greens, steam them to remove the oxalic acid which is bad for you, but don`t over steam and try only a small portion.

Juicing is a fine way to use raw beetroot. I found this recipe in the Jamaican Gleaner.

Spicy Mix

  • 10 oz cucumber
  • 3 oz carrot
  • 3 oz beetroot
  • 1 thumb size of grated ginger root

Recipe – Courtesy of Earl`s Juice Garden

A word of caution!!!

According to many nutritionists, beetroot and their greens are powerful cleansers of the blood and kidneys and should be used moderately. So if they are correct, drinking 500mls a day should not be continue over a long period of time. It would put a strain on your liver.

50. Lentils – 1 cup of cooked lentils = 731mg. potassium

Lentils are particularly good as an all rounded food for a healthy diet. Not only do they contain high levels of potassium but magnesium and dietary fiber. Magnesium helps balance the systems that control hypertension and is just as important as potassium, calcium and sodium. In fact, it is called “Natures Calcium Channel Blocker”.

Lentils are tasty too. Do you like Dal? It is a very popular dish which you can buy from Asian restaurants, delicatessens and supermarkets. It is a stew-like side dish made with lentils with added vegetables and seasoned with spices.

Lentil and tomato soup is one of my favorite dishes. A great combination of potassium sources for a high blood pressure diet.