A Renin Inhibitor
Calcium Channel Blocker
and Diuretic All-in-One

Rasitrio, a triple combo with a renin inhibitor developed by Novartis was approved in Europe on the November 28th 2011.

Following like wildfire at the heals of another new drug Sevikar triple combo by Daiichi Sankyo, this high blood pressure combination pill also contains amlodipine a calcium channel blocker, and hydrochlorothiazide a diuretic (water pill). But the 3rd ingredient is the renin inhibitor Rasilez.

The drug targets a very important blood regulation system in your body. The Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System (RAAS). This system maintains and regulates the correct blood pressure when some trauma causes it to drop, like serious loss of blood in an accident or when you suddenly stand up after sitting a long time.

The kidneys release the enzyme Renin into the blood to activate angiotensinogen which the liver produces. This reaction manufactures angiotensin 1 which when traveling through the lung is converted into angiotensin 11 by the angiotensin-converting enzyme ACE in the lungs. The angiotensin 11 is a strong vaso-constrictor, that will restrict and slow down blood flow raising blood pressure. Fantastic system when blood pressure needs to rise. But what if blood pressure needs to be lowered?

How does a renin inhibitor work? If you have an over-reactive renin system it will cause you to have high blood pressure. The action works by blocking the renin from converting the angiotensingogen in the early stages of the RAAS.

Rasitrio has been developed for patients who have success in lowering their blood pressure when using these three high blood pressure medicines in their separate but equal dosages. A 3-in-one pill will just make it more convenient for them and lessen complications for doctors that can arise in general when prescribing a combination of drugs to their patients.

As usual, any high blood pressure drug works by interfering in the body`s natural mechanisms and so side effects will surface.

They are helpful for emergency treatment and for those with a genetic disorder who don`t have many options. But for the majority, it is much better to help your body return to normal healthy systems that work perfectly if we stop abusing them, take in good nutrition, and alter our lifestyles.