Is Stage 1 Hypertension Getting Too Near Deep Water?

Stage 1 hypertension is the next level after pre-hypertension. The systolic (first number) will read 140 – 159 mmHg and the diastolic (2nd number) will read 90 – 99 mmHg. To be sure this reading is constantly elevated, you should let your doctor take your blood pressure, besides your own results if you have been monitoring at home. Many of the blood pressure monitors come with software that you can enter your readings, download the results, and print off to take to the clinic.

Be wise! At this level your doctor should still be advising you on nutrition and lifestyle changes, especially if it`s your first time to be diagnosed with high blood pressure. The category is between mild hypertension and moderate.

According to the Institute of Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI) 2010, a confirmation should be given after 2 or 3 subsequent visits within 2 months, with blood pressure recorded. Also you should have been assessed for secondary causes. If this is suspected, you should have further tests or be referred. But if no secondary cause is suspected then you may or may not be prescribed medication, in addition to diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Normally thiazide diuretics, or more commonly known as water pills, are the first drugs that are prescribes for this level. Your doctor will watch out for hypokalemia, that is, a reduced potassium level, a side effect of the diuretics that could result, or any other side effects of the drug.

Check the table of blood pressure levels below.


The whole aim of your doctor and you are to get you to reach a goal, that is, a level that is either the ideal target or a goal towards reaching your target. If you reach it then it is a matter of maintaining that goal with further assessment to see if drugs can be lowered and weaned.

If you don`t reach your goal, then your doctor will want to prescribe a second drug from a different class of drugs to treat your stage 1 hypertension. That is, high blood pressure medicine that acts on another body system to bring blood pressure down. Beta-blockers are usually the 2nd drug in addition to the diuretics.

View this stage as a serious warning that you are getting into hot water with your health. make it a matter of concern and really work hard at changing your lifestyle.

Get familiar with blood pressure levels. They have now been updated by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).