Sweet Marjoram
A Blood Pressure Lowering Oil

Sweet marjoram (Origanum marjorana) a type of oregano is an essential herb in the kitchen for culinary use, but today we will learn that as an essential oil, its at home in the therapy clinic too.

Aromatherapy incorporates different methods of using essential oils to help the body heal. Oils can be inhaled using a diffuser, added to baths, placed in pillows, ingested, and massaged into the skin and muscles to cause a therapeutic reaction.

Massaging sweet marjoram into the skin to help dilate capillaries is widely accepted and practiced. I first heard about it when reading a bodybuilding article discussing vaso-dilation to increase blood flow to the muscles. It intrigued me as to how this works so I did a little searching and discovered that as a rubefacient it boosts the effect of massage on the capillaries under the skin,  increasing circulation of the blood to the muscles. The toxic waste which causes pain and stiffness is then quickly eliminated from the body.

We don`t need to be bodybuilding to benefit from this therapy. Increasing blood flow through massage with essential oils will help lower blood pressure and reduce circulatory problems.

Sweet Marjoram for Stress-related Hypertension

This essential oil is a strong sedative too. It has been classed as a stupefying herb by one doctor. Those who have stress related hypertension  can be relaxed from the sedative effect when inhaled and experience the duel benefits.

Other high blood pressure essential oils it blends well with are lavender, cypress, and chamomile mixed with a choice of base oils. As a base oil you can use Evening Primrose oil, Blackcurrant oil, Borage Seed oil, or Avocado oil.

Blend 2% (equivalent to 2 drops) to 3% of massage oil for partial body massage or 6% for a full body massage. 2 essential oil drops to 100 drops of base oil.

To avoid allergic and dangerous reactions, only use organic pure essential oils. Oils that contain artificial fragrances or are laced with chemicals will cause illness.

Not recommended during pregnancy.