“They say beauty is only skin deep, but the truth about chemicals in cosmetics, dictates that beauty comes from within not what we put on the skin” – J. Goulbourne.

Chemicals in face make-up and other cosmetics have been proven to cause Hypertension

Many of us are unaware of the dangers and the impact on our health that some chemicals in cosmetics, personal care products and cleaning agents pose.

The accumulation of heavy metals present in those chemicals like mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum and a range of others, occur because the body cannot metabolize them. This toxic store soon leads to poisoning of systems and cause health problems like secondary hypertension.

In fact, according to World Health Organization (WHO), 82% of all chronic degenerative diseases are caused by environmental exposure to toxic metals. That`s alarmingly high! Fortunately, Bob Weldon, author of Toxic Metal Ch-elation, is on a mission to expose these dangers and invites all who suffer from degenerative diseases like high blood pressure, to investigate the evidence and learn how toxic metal ch-elation helped his wife enjoy a better quality of life.

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