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The Benefits of Beetroot A Scientific Breakthrough!

The benefits of beetroot on high blood pressure are staggering! They reached top of the list in the high blood pressure foods. If you drink 500ml of beetroot juice every day, it can significantly reduce your blood pressure, according to UK researchers. When healthy volunteers drank the juice their blood pressure dropped within the hour. […]

Resistant Hypertension

If your doctor has told you that you have resistant hypertension, don`t go pressing the panic button, or become offended. First, you should have asked what that meant. By rights, that information should have been relayed to you so that you didn`t panic. Many people have not even asked their doctor the question, “What is […]

Poor Leg Circulation – Are You Stuggling to Improve It?

There are 3 main problems that are caused by poor leg circulation. Swollen legs and ankles Pain in the legs and calves Cold and numb feet Which one do you suffer from? Swollen legs and ankles? Or do you suffer from all three or more? Your doctor may have briefly told you why you are […]

The Reishi Mushroom for Hypertension ”The Medicine of Kings”!

The Red Reishi Mushroom. Have you considered using this potent herb to treat hypertension? It has been shown to significantly, lower blood pressure in patients who did not respond to anti-hypertension drugs, help lessen arrhythmia, lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and reduce the stickiness of platelets, thought to be due to the ganoderic acids action […]

Working it Out Your Normal Blood Pressure Range

The normal blood pressure range of persons aged 20 – 40 years is 120mm Hg systolic pressure and 80mm Hg diastolic pressure.= 120/80mmHg. Anyone registering above this range is classed as having high blood pressure. See the charts below refined averages. The Systolic pressure is when the heart`s ventricles contract and push the blood through the veins. […]

Coenzyme Q10 and Heart Health The Spark That Fires up the Heart

The relationship between coenzyme q10 and heart health can be summed up in one sentence – Every muscle in the body, particularly the heart, the muscle that has most demand for coenzyme q10, cannot function without this vitamin, which is vital for life itself. Though it be an important cofactor in the smooth running of […]

Parsley Tea The Super Antioxidant and Diuretic

The Benefits of Parsley Tea for High Blood Pressure Reduction What does a cup of parsley tea have in it that can help you fight elevated blood pressure? Let`s take a look at the nutrients it contains. The ones to focus on are highlighted in bold. Vitamin C Beta-Carotene Boron Cadmium Calcium Cobalt Copper Folacin […]

Poor Circulation and High Blood Pressure Connection

A few factors can cause problems with your blood circulation and high blood pressure seems to be one of them. In turn, poor blood circulation is often a cause of high blood pressure. I have friends and colleagues who suffer from bad circulation in the legs and it`s not just a plague of our elderly. […]