Yarrow Herb
A Natural Diuretic & Anti-inflammatory

Yarrow herb is used in herbal medicine as a preparation for the treatment of high blood pressure amongst other ailments. So I will list the many different names that refer to it to aid in it`s identification and why it is worth your consideration.

The Latin name is Achillea Millefolium, named after the Greeks`s Achilles. The following 12 common names of which you may be familiar with are Carpenter`s weed, millefoil or milfoil, nosebleed, soldier`s woundwort, Englishman`s quinine, old man`s pepper, thousand-seal, little feather, gordaldo, devil’s nettle, sanguinary, thousand-leaf. There are more but these will suffice.

What I noticed when gathering information on the plant is that it works as a relaxant which can benefit those of us who are under stress. Stress as you may be aware, contributes greatly to high blood pressure.

Yarrow is a natural diuretic cutting down the build up of fluid in the tissues. It is also good to take note that it helps prevent thrombosis. Thrombi can make there way to the heart or the brain. This herb can help prevent it forming. If you`re blood pressure is really high and you are suffering from atherosclerosis, save this information in your list of relevant herbs.

But it doesn`t end there. There are more benefits from using this notable plant. It is a peripheral vasodilator which means it works on the small blood vessels near the skin and at the extremities of limbs, opening them up helping to get the blood circulating.

Another problem with the cardiovascular system that can afflict us especially when we age and the walls of the blood vessels become weaker, is varicose veins. Well yarrow is used as a tonic to tone those up.

Certainly this is a herb worth remembering and using for those who prefer natural treatment for high blood pressure with the guidance of a herbalist.

1 teaspoon of the herb makes one cup of tea or use ready packaged tea bags. Boil water and pour over the herb then leave it to infuse for 10 minutes. You can drink this 3 times in a day.

Yes there are many benefits for the cardiovascular system from using the Yarrow Herb. Please do read up on this herb from the sources below and other herbal publications. If you are in doubt, don`t leave it out! Go research it.

Overdosing can cause headache.
Do not use if you are pregnant.