High Blood Pressure
A Warning To Take Action

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What can you do to bring high blood pressure down? Go to the doctor who will give you a magic pill and it will all just go away? Far from it! You will get some advice about your eating habits and lifestyle if your doctor is a caring one, but any pill you get is only going to deal with the symptoms. That may work to a degree but prolonged use of bp meds have other cruel side effects. They interfere with important cell functions while inhibiting others and so cause more problems as an end result.

Many pay a price for relying on medication. They suffer horrid side effects that can bring more health problems. Try coming off those pills without making changes and the hypertension will soon return with a vengeance. Yes your doctor is there to help you, but please come to terms that YOU need to do something. The ball lies in YOUR court.

Time to Take Steps

A basic root cause of high blood pressure is the diet, so that is a good place to start. That doesn`t necessarily mean going on a diet, but you possibly need to alter it. You don`t have to compromise taste and variety when focusing on health. There are several excellent dietary guidelines that are designed to address hypertension. The DASH diet is one that comes to mind, put together by doctors and dieticians for HBP patients. Try it!


You have the green light to go ahead and monitor your blood pressure at home which will let you and your doctor know how you are getting along. And if it`s de-stressing your body needs, you can go about doing that using different therapies. Either by detoxing, or through relaxation or breathing exercises.

Herbs and minerals can be an added bonus to your new eating habits, supporting the body and helping the blood vessels to dilate and heal. These can and often do better than the pharmaceuticals, without side effects if taken as directed.

Then there is the exercise! Oh that dreaded word that causes so many to shrink back. Your body needs to stay active. It`s designed for that to help keep everything moving and working proficiently. Stop moving and you get sick and grow old quicker.

Exercise can heighten your mood and release hormones that open blood vessels. Really! You can dance as an exercise. Who doesn`t like dancing? You can cycle with friends, hula a hoop, go swimming or water aerobics. Fun, fun, fun.

As you will see, I have information on how to read pressure charts, information on how to lower high blood pressure, and a lot more.

Understanding Your Feelings

A dear old colleague of mine who is suffering from high blood pressure, daily complains of how ill he feels after he takes his medication. He can`t understand why he feels worse instead of better after his morning dose. The worry of it all which probably adds to his problem, has taken over my dear old friend`s life. He is adamant that the pharmacists are trying to kill him with their constant bombardment of different brands of his prescribed medication, asking me how on earth one knows if they really contain the ingredients that they are supposed to contain.

Feeling completely at his doctor`s mercy, he laments, "If the doctors don`t know what causes my problem in the first place, how on earth can they help me."

You probably have at sometime felt the same as my colleague, totally frustrated! A sad situation indeed, but it doesn`t have to be that way.

The choices are there but "only" if you can understand what you can do, and how you can do it. You are guaranteed to find it here.

Need I say more? There`s a pool of information here to tap into. Use it!

I appreciate any feedback and so do the people who visit here. I am sure you will benefit by using this site. But make sure you let your doctor know that you want to help yourself in a safe and natural way and get his support!

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What`s your thoughts on this subject? Your comment counts!

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Successful Stories

Achieve a renewed state of health

By: David Yap

Mar 06, 2012

My name is David Yap and I am 52 years of age from Asia. My BP was 155/100 seven months ago, so I decided to take drastic measures to reduce it and try to achieve a new state of health.

Two types of measures, one is defensive and the other is offensive.

Defensive: Quit my high pressurized job, ceased smoking, I don't drink, abstained totally from processed food and salty snacks. Reduced intake of oily and fatty food. Totally abstained from lamb.

Offensive: Going to the gym 4 times a week, includes resistance exercise (going for 6 pack abs), cycling and swimming @ 80 laps per week in an Olympic size pool.

Increase intake of fresh fruits almost treble, juicing beetroot and celery twice a week, increase high fiber diet with rolled oats, etc,.

Results: BP drop to 125/75.
Weight: Down by 3 to 4 kg. Feels great!!
Build: Waist line reduce from 36 to 33 (target for 31)

Ultimate goals is: Pass 100% of medical tests for all body organs. BP of 115/70 ono. (difficult but still optimistic)
Increase fitness equivalent to a 30 year old and achieved a renewed state of health...and zero medical bills!


To go as far as David, is probably not your intentions. But it sure highlights what one can achieve by turning to natural methods for bringing down blood pressure and regaining your health.

Enjoy the site!


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