Reap the Benefits of a Colon Cleanse as you Tackle your High Blood Pressure!

Have you ever had a colon flush? There are several benefits of a colon cleanse if you have high blood pressure and want to treat it by natural methods.

Presuming that you would also want to clean the colon naturally too, I will discuss briefly the benefits of a colon cleanse and what herbs you can use in combination to do that.

To begin with, our intestines which include the colon is where we absorb the minerals and other nutrients from our food. As food passes through and is processed, some of it may get trapped in pockets of the colon. At this stage the moisture has been removed turning it into a sticky mucous.

Waist processing, transfer of nutrients, metabolic functions, etc, all can be enhanced when the colon is cleansed.

One of the most important benefits of a colon cleanse is that it prepares the body for other organ cleanses such as a liver detox. If you perform this detox before a colon cleanse, you risk major toxins entering right back into the bloodstream because of colon blockages.

Regaining a correct body pH is important to cleansing major organs. Too much acid ash will cause major damage throughout your system.

The mucous builds up, hardens, and amazingly, we can carry it around for years, unaware that the general feeling of tiredness, sluggishness or ill health we experience can be a direct result of this mucous build up producing toxins which filter back into the bloodstream. Doctors call this process auto-intoxication.

Liver Problems

One of the benefits of a colon cleanse is that it said to help take the pressure off the liver which is working double hard, trying to keep the blood clean.

In fact, cleansing the colon, liver and kidneys is ideally the best option, because all are involved in the circulatory system and all are affected by toxins and heavy metals.

A clean colon could result in better production of bile that is needed to break down fat. If too much fat is in the bloodstream, our blood will become stickier, and less able to flow through the veins causing blood pressure to rise.

Mineral Absorption

Other benefits of a colon cleanse can include better absorption of minerals and nutrients needed to regulate blood pressure.

If you are aged around 50+ your body`s ability to absorb nutrients is diminishing anyway, so taking care of your colon health will help a great deal.

Why will cleansing the colon help? Well, as I mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, our colon can accumulate hardened plaque that not only collects in pockets of the colon but also blocks nutrients from being absorbed. A colon flush will dissolve this plaque, leaving the colon to absorb more of the nutrients without the extra burden of dealing with toxins. A good mineral supplement will greatly enhance the absorption and transportation of minerals into cells where the healing can start to take place.

It has been implicated that heavy metal toxicity can result in cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure through environmental pollution that can enter the body through the skin, mouth, and lungs, therefore, a heavy metal detox will help draw them out.

The 4 parts e-course will help you step by step to take positive action to prepare and support the body on it`s road to better health. A heavy metal detox introduces the course. Then learn to get back to the normal pH balance, followed by the support stage, using minerals and nutrients. And last but not least the fun activities.

Poor liver function caused by an overworked liver can also lead to high blood pressure when excessive aldosterone, the adrenalin hormone, is broken down. Potassium levels become low and sodium retained which may cause an imbalance and raise blood pressure. A colon flush can lend support to the liverin all its many functions. You could call it the function junction, because it has so many things to do in the body.

Herbs to the Rescue

The choice of herbs you use will increase the benefits of a colon cleanse.

Use stimulants such as senna and barberry bark. They start the ball rolling by stimulating the colon muscle to contract. Adding passive, carminative herbs, like fennel and ginger can soothe and reduce or eliminate the gripping action of the stimulant you use.

Chamomile helps reduce the gas build-up, and Chinese rhubarb is an anti-hypertensive, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. All these herbs combined with a catalyst like capsicum, will give you an effective colon flush.

It is common practice to start by fasting which is said to also increase the benefits of a colon cleanse and it`s effectiveness. A diet of raw foods and lots of water is very helpful and some hot water and lemon juice on the morning of the cleanse.

Remember and talk with your doctor if you would like to have a colon cleanse. It shows your appreciation for the care they are giving you and that you want their support. Some may criticise or disapprove of your choice, but never-the-less it is your choice and hopefully they will help you look after your own health and learn themselves about the benefits of a colon cleanse.


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