To Cure High Blood Pressure Naturally
Address the Cause – Change the Treatment

By a change of both lifestyle and nutrition, the quest to cure high blood pressure naturally can become a reality for you.

As we approach the end of the 21st Century, I think you will agree with me that the pace of life is becoming more hectic. People live by the clock and that’s no joke. We encounter the effects of this crazy lifestyle on a daily basis.

For example, what’s your reaction when you’ve over slept and late for work? You rush around the house to get ready pronto, grab a quick cup of coffee or tea if you come from this neck of the woods, and breakfast is usually forfeited.

The phone rings but you ignore it. You rush out the door, spot your neighbour in the garden, and pretend you haven’t seen her, and avoiding all eye contact, you jump in your car turn the ignition and you’re off. You love your neighbour, but no time to waist, you’re late!

On the way to work you get caught up in the usual traffic jam. You can almost feel the blood pressure rising. Everyone seems to be deliberately “cutting you up”, and your mobile keeps ringing, probably the boss phoning to ask why you’re late.

That scenario is just the beginning of a typical day in the life of a Londoner, it varies slightly in different lands and cultures, but none the less most of us are caught up in the rat race that keeps getting faster and faster.

So what kind of impact does it have on our health? A very big one! Our health suffers because our relationships, eating habits, and recreation are all compromised, not to mention the internal damage to our organs by the repeated rise in blood pressure. So it doesn’t take rocket science to understand that a reversal or change of course can bring about the cure for high blood pressure naturally.

Take time out to think! Eat! Make changes! It’s imperative to make decisions on life’s priorities. Do you want more money, or better health? Do you want the “high life”, the fast car, the junk food, the polluted environment, or better health? Do you want to treat the symptoms, or address the cause? If it`s the latter then the following subjects will be of benefit.

Supplementing the Diet to cure high blood pressure naturally.

Be aware that our nutritional requirements to maintain a measure of health are no longer dependent just on good food alone. Nutritionists and researchers have known for many years that the soil is deficient of nutrients and the artificial additives that farmers use are not adequate to sustain our bodies need for minerals.

In 1935, Nobel Prize winner and biologist Dr.Alexis Carrel, stated: “Man is literally made from the dust of the earth….The staple foods may not contain the same nutritive substances as in former times. Mass production has modified the composition of wheat, eggs, milk, fruit, and butter, although these articles have retained their familiar appearance. Chemical fertilizers, by increasing the abundance of the crops without replacing all the exhausted elements in the soil, have indirectly contributed to changing the nutritive value of cereal grains and vegetables. Hens have been compelled, by artificial diet and mode of living, to enter the ranks of mass producers. Has not the quality of their eggs been modified? – Man the Unknown

If that was the situation 72 years ago then what of today? To cure high blood pressure naturally through nutrition it stands to reason that supplementing the diet is a necessity.

Some of the more popular nutritional supplements that help cure hypertension are – Omega 3 essential fatty acids (free of heavy metals), Co-enzyme Q10, Antioxidants, Potassium, Noni juice, Vitamin E, Vitamin C with bioflavins, Magnesium, selenium. A quality supplement of balanced minerals, vitamins and herbs.

It makes sense, to seek out a recommended herbalist who can advise you on what supplements to take.

Add Humour to cure high blood pressure naturally

Cure high blood pressure naturally in an amusing way! Laugh a lot! Laughter is another powerful vehicle on your road to recovery.

Did you know that laughter has a very therapeutic effect on health? You probably have heard that stress is one of the major causes of high blood pressure, and laughter has been found to decrease stress-related hormones. So, go see a comedy, read a good book, or be around children and animals more often. Whatever it takes to make you laugh a lot. But a word of “warning”! They say that it can be dangerous for those who have heart trouble? What can I say? Read the disclaimer.

Exercise regularly to cure high blood pressure naturally.

What`s up??? Did I say a nasty word? Come on! Exercise doesn’t have to be a pain. In fact it is the very opposite. It has so much beneficial effects on our general well being as well the physical. I often find that if I break the pattern of a regular exercise routine, it is very difficult to maintain stamina when starting back.

Try incorporating it into your program of social activities though and “puff” goes those thoughts of grueling workouts and aching muscles.

Think of social activities that give a lot of pleasure even if it is hard work. I can think of one. Cycling! If you have children or grandchildren, this is a perfect way to have fun together.

Because my lifestyle has become sedentary, I plan on getting “on my bike” and cycle myself fit. I was shocked to see just how much weight I had gained over the months!

Combat Stress to cure high blood pressure naturally.

Stress, a major factor in causing high blood pressure is a problem that most of us are plagued with more or less, at different degrees, and of which many of us would deny we suffer from at all. It can be that subtle. But like the above scenario, we subject ourselves to it`s damaging affects nearly every day.

Time to slow down! Be conscious of your breathing. Discover practical ways of managing stress on your own. Meditation, breathing and relaxation methods are all good exercises combined to help cure high blood pressure naturally. Carbon Dioxide Syndrome discusses how Buteyko breathing can help with hypertension.

Come to think of it, have you ever tried massage? Not only does it relax you and leave you invigorated but has a multitude of therapeutic benefits that act directly and indirectly on different bodily systems. Your cardiovascular system would benefit a great deal as you discover how to improve blood circulation , lower blood pressure, reduced heart and pulse rates.

Besides the healing hands of massage therapists, they offer mobile services so massage therapy can be carried out in the workplace. They endorse lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, breathing exercises and much more which could help to cure high blood pressure naturally. Come on! Don’t be shy! Give it a try!

When you have 10 – 15 minute periods free throughout the day try to practice these relaxation techniques. The meditation meant in this article is not the mystical, emptying of the mind type, but in the true sense of meditation. One Hebrew word translated as “meditation”, comes from a root word that means “speak with oneself”. Purposeful thinking.

Try out an exercise of thinking on positive things that you like, nice things that were done for you, or happened to you. Think of how you can be helpful to others. Visualize it while you breathe deep and regular and try and carry out the thought.

A practice of this will have beneficial effects on your stress levels and eventually you will find yourself doing it habitually. Not only that, it will bring you a measure of happiness and those around you. You will be creating a healthy environment that will contribute to good health. Don’t you agree that a healthy mind can have an impact on our physical health? So try your best to cure high blood pressure naturally by practicing relaxation techniques.

Stop Smoking to cure high blood pressure naturally.

To cure high blood pressure naturally, smoking is a habit you will have to give up.

Smoking causes shortness of breath as it damages the lungs, increased heart rate and blood pressure, coronary artery disease which can also cause high blood pressure. It encourages dangerous clotting in the blood vessels and hardening of the arteries. Smokers are known to have a higher level of lead and cadmium which cause`s damage to the liver and kidneys. A malfunctioning liver creates the inability to breakdown LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol, a serious contributing factor that leads to high blood pressure and most possible stroke and other dangerous conditions.

What more can I add that you have not heard before. For those of you who smoke, how desperately do you want to cure high blood pressure naturally and return to health? I was a smoker from an early age. Through passive smoking, I developed a dependency for nicotine, although this is not always the case with everyone, it can have a strong influence on the future development of a smoker. I have 6 siblings, and I can say that all started smoking as soon as they became of age to do so. Food for thought for those of us who are parents.

Determination to quit for the sake of your children`s health as well as your own, is a strong motivating force.

One of the secrets of giving up is not to think that you have failed when you have a relapse. This was a revelation to me when a friend gave me the advice. So I just kept on trying. When I weakened, I would go buy a pack, smoke one, feel guilty and then throw the pack into a big tall bin, so I couldn`t retrieve them. I did this several times, it was becoming quite costly, but in the end I succeeded and I have never looked back.I haven`t smoked since 1988.

If your aim is to cure high blood pressure naturally, smoking will only defeat the objective.

Remember too that friends and family can give support, but if they don`t, be determined to try the natural way with a change of lifestyle and nutrition before resorting to drugs.

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