Food High in Potassium
Look! Mushrooms and walnuts!

Yes! I promised you a little bit more and when food high in potassium comes in such an array of vegetables, nuts and pulses, there is plenty to suit the different cuisines and tastes.

Numbers 36 – 40 on my list are –

  • Mushrooms
  • Walnuts
  • Millet
  • Banana
  • Broccoli


36. MushroomsCommon type – Agaricus bisporus 100g = 320mg or 5 to 6 small mushrooms = 400 mg of potassium (about the same amount as a small banana)

If your looking for food high in potassium, mushrooms are a tasty choice.

Have you ever been mushroom picking? Now you have a good excuse to try out this novice activity and its soooooo peaceful and relaxing too.

You need to go with someone who is experienced because it’s a hazardous pastime. There are so many different mushrooms, that on the surface look the same, but some are deadly poisonous.

So please do not try this alone. Join a club if you don’t know of any expert picker.

I had the privilege of going on an excursion on the outskirts of Bratislava, Slovakia, with my friend and her father who is a mycophagist or mushrooming expert. We had to rise early and it had to be on a day that the weather conditions were just right. They spring up overnight after it has been rainy weather. An expert can determine the right conditions and time they will appear.

I would never try it on my own. Every mushroom I seemed to think was the real McCoy, turned out to be poisonous.

I had a lot to learn. It was a lovely day out in the forest and very peaceful and relaxing. If you’re not the adventurous type, then a trip to the supermarket will suffice. Some supermarkets stock a selection of dried mushrooms. They can be quite pricey though.

The health benefits of mushrooms can aid in bringing blood pressure down. In addition to being a food high in potassium, they are a good source of Selenium and Ergothioneine, two powerful antioxidants that can fight against free radical damage to the artery walls and to the supposed “bad” LDL cholesterol which we need. Copper is found in them too which is good for the elasticity of our veins and arteries.

I like to eat mushroom raw, sliced in salads or lightly fried in garlic and butter. Ooooooh!

37. WalnutsGenus Juglans – 100g of shelled walnuts = 450mg of potassium

Food for the Gods! Genus Juglans, derived from the name “Jupiter’s acorn” is a special food high in potassium. There has been much scientific research into its cardiovascular benefits.

Eight walnuts a day has been recommended by the Barcelona hospital Clinico team, because the results of tests revealed that subjects with high and normal cholesterol levels who had been given olive oil and later, walnut oil, were found to have reduced inflammation and oxidization, contributing factors to atherosclerosis. It was noted, however, that whether the subjects had high cholesterol or not, unlike the olive oil, taking the walnut oil helped the arteries retain their flexibility and elasticity.

Have you heard of Nitric Oxide? I have mentioned it several times in articles on this website. It is mostly associated with air pollution, as a toxic gas from car exhausts, yet it is a vital signalling gas that is produced by our own bodies.

It is used to relax smooth muscle around arteries by the inner lining of the artery (endothelium).

Athletes benefit from this gas as its production is raised during exercise. But wait a minute! What is all of this got to do with walnuts?

Good question! Well, walnuts contain an amino acid called arginine that the body uses in combination with oxygen to produce nitric oxide. So if you are engaging a good exercise program to improve your cardiovascular health, adding walnuts to your diet as food high in potassium, will not only boost this needed mineral, but help open up those artery walls, bringing down blood pressure and increasing blood flow and oxygen to the heart. Only make sure to eat the walnut WITHOUT the whip!

38. MilletPennisetum glaucum – 47g = 200mg of potassium

Don’t go raiding your budgie’s larder. Millet, a food high in potassium and magnesium, has about 6,000 varieties, and the one we are interested in is called pearl millet.

My intention is to sample a few dishes but I couldn’t find millet in my local supermarket. I think I will have to try African or Asian food shops.

What are some millet dishes? In Western India the people make flat bread called Bhakri, which is made from millet flour and Sorghum flour.

Millet can be eaten as a porridge, used in soups and stews, a sort of roasted grain like pop corn, and I didn’t know about millet cous cous, and I just love couscous; the wheat variety that is. It can be eaten as an alternative to potatoes or rice.

Note the health benefits of millet. Because it is high in potassium and magnesium, it helps maintain cardiovascular health and for those of us who are keeping check on our pH balance.

Millet is the only grain that won`t loose its alkaline state after cooking

39. BananaMusa acuminata – 100g = 358mg or 1 medium = 400mg of potassium (slightly lower than the millet!!!)

Did you know banana is a herb and not a tree? Most people do know, however, that banana is a food high in potassium.

For those of us who are suffering from high blood pressure and are under sustained stress levels, bananas can help maintain your potassium levels. When we are stressed, our metabolic rate is increased which can significantly lower potassium.

It is also known that stress can cause ulcers. Eating bananas soothes, lowers acidity and coats the stomach lining helping to protect it from forming ulcers. If you are taking aspirin or other medications that can cause acid then bananas are a very good choice to always add to your weekly shopping list.

Adding to the benefits, it was discovered that eating bananas on a regular basis cut the risk of death by strokes by as much as 40%, as noted in “The New England Journal of Medicine”.

40. BroccoliBrassica oleracea calabrese 100g = 370mg of potassium or 1 medium stalk = 540mg

Broccoli! Known as a nutritional power house is also a food high in potassium. Today most people associate its health benefits with the fight against cancer, but don’t overlook its contribution to cardiovascular health. The chromium in it helps regulate blood sugar and insulin, and broccoli is a liver stimulant too. These latter health factors including the benefits from its potassium levels make for a better control over blood pressure.

Despite a growing anti-broccoli movement, probably started by George Bush Snr., I am thankful for this popular veg. My 2 year old grandson refused to eat any vegetables until my husband and I devised a fun tactic. We pretend to be dinosaurs and the broccoli is our favorite tree.

This delights our grandson. Now, put broccoli on his plate and he will eat all and ask for more. It gives me a break from having to puree every vegetable out of all recognition, before he will eat them.