Herbs For Hypertension
Take Three

Take three of the best herbs for hypertension, Chinese Holly Leaf, Chinese Hawthorn Fruit, along with Daikon seed extract, and what have you got? A very powerful herbal formula.

And I have good reason for making such a bold statement. Just bear along with me while I explain just why these three herbal ingredients, found in All-Natural Alistrol, have the potential to lower high blood pressure.

Chinese Holly Leaf Ilex Cornuta Aquifolium

Chinese holly leaf is dried and used as a traditional Chinese tea. This type`s appearance differs from English, but more like American holly. It`s leaves curve and spread downwards like an umbrella.

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It has been proven to promote good circulation and arterial health. For people who suffer from stress, taking this herb can help reduce it due to it`s calming properties.

Chinese Hawthorn Fruit Crataegus Pinnatifida

As with all Hawthorn species, this herb belongs in the best category of herbs for hypertension.

As a cardiotonic, vasodilator, and an anticholesterolemic, the herb`s berries help strengthen the heart of people with high blood pressure. As a vasodilator, it helps the blood flow more freely, improving blood circulation.

I have discussed the importance of the use of antioxidants for the cardiovascular system. They help bring down inflammation, a key factor contributing to high blood pressure. Using the fruit of the Chinese Hawthorn promotes powerful antioxidant action.

For Chinese Hawthorn berries to be effective though, prolonged use of them is necessary.

Daikon Seed Extract Raphanus Sativus var. longipinnatus

Daikon is a large East Asian elongated radish. We are interested in it`s seeds because they contain glucoraphanin compounds, also found in broccoli, that can help to normalize blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. The seeds have more concentration of this compound than when they sprout, which greatly reduces it.

The seeds also act as a diuretic.

All-Natural Alistrol

You will be pleased to know that these three herbs for hypertension can be found together along with garlic extract in Alistrol, clinically proven to lower blood pressure.

With reference to the randomized, double blind clinical test carried out on the herbal formula, most of the people who took part experience normal levels of blood pressure after taking it for 2 to 4 weeks.

That is an impressive result. There was a drop in systolic blood pressure by an average of 8.0%, and diastolic blood pressure by 9.3%.

It can be taken along with any prescribed medication without any serious side effects or interactions, and it is completely safe.