Mistletoe Herb
for High Blood Pressure?

The use of European Mistletoe (Viscum Album) as an alternative therapy is mainly associated with cancer, but long before this it was used in Europe and still is as an effective high blood pressure herb along with a whole range of other health benefits.

We want to focus on the diuretic, vaso-dilator, and anti-inflammatory actions on arterial hypertension that are common with this herb.

But before we go any further, caution needs to be exercised when using it. In fact, in the UK only a qualified physician is licensed to administer it to patients as an overdose is said to cause cardiac poisoning.

There are also many varieties of this plant so make sure you are buying Viscum Album.

In Germany, a company called Bional have a combination herbal supplement with Knoflook (Garlic) + Mistel (Mistletoe) + Miedoorn (Grataegus) (Hawthorn) + Vitamin E to support a healthy cardiovascular system. I have found a source in the UK where you can buy it. http://www.farmaline.co.uk

You will often find this frustrating drawback that one country will differ from another in what they allow to be sold to the public as beneficial herbs and what they ban. Germany is an excellent country for the promotion of herbal treatments where their laws are more relaxed!

Cold water infusions are also effective, soaking a full teaspoon in a cup of water for 2 hours and then drinking 1/2 to 1 cup depending on the severity, doing this 3 times daily.

How Does It Work?

Well, medical scientific research has not discovered by what mechanism it works. More study needs to be carried out to determine this.

Some basic research was carried out at the Department of Farmacology. The National Institute of Cardiology Mexico, by Ingacio Chavez. He and his teem ,came to the conclusion that mistletoe extract mediated a vasodilating response through the NO/sGC (Nitric Oxide Receptor) pathway, showing that it does open the arteries. But they realised there needed to be more studies carried out to reach a better understanding, and as they said, “…in order to find the chemical compound responsible for such pharmacological effect.”

I discuss the importance of Nitric oxide on the arteries on my page about L-arginine.

Scientific data on the herb is limited, yet it is still a favorite of herbalists in the treatment of high blood pressure especially in Europe, with Germany in the forefront. It is well documented and respected in literature of ancient and modern herbal medical institutions as a powerful and effective herb. That is enough for me to make it a topic of my site and to make it know to all those who wish to take the natural road to health.

Contents of Mistletoe (birdlime):

Cobalt, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Iodine, and Cadmium.