What are the needed vitamins for high blood pressure?

Two that have a major effect on the cardiovascular system are:

Vitamin C will help strengthen the arteries by promoting collagen production. It is also known to be one of the strongest and abundant anti-oxidants found in healthy diets.

Vitamin E is for the heart. Once you have found what is causing your arteries to be blocked or constricted and start rectifying the condition so blood can flow easily then an increase in vitamin E will strengthen your heart to be more powerful.

Why Natural and Organic is best

You could be thinking that buying a multi-vitamin is the wisest choice you can make. Should you choose a wide range of vitamins combined in one convenient pill or several different vitamin pills? Whatever your choice, is it not because you believe this will ensure your body gets the vitamins you may be lacking in?

Well, there`s a fair chance you would be throwing your money down the toilet! Yes, and I mean too. Let me explain.

Vitamins are co-enzymes. In other words, they work in partnership with enzymes and proteolytic enzymes so that the enzymes can do the work they are “assigned” to do in your body. If you lack in vitamins, then your body will have poor metabolism and other sluggish problems leading to illness, including persistent high blood pressure.

So we can`t do without vitamins. Is there a need to supplement? Unfortunately, yes. Food can be poor in nutrients depending on where and how it is grown. Farming methods and frequency of farming land have led to nutrient-poor soil that is what led to the need for more organic farming.

There is a problem, however, with just buying vitamins off the shelf. In nature, vitamins come combined, they work in combination, not by themselves. So that rules out just buying one vitamin if you believe you are deficient of any particular one.

Is there a combination of vitamins for high blood pressure that you can take? There is, but you need to have them in the right combination, and their potency will depend on whether they are purely natural, co-natural, or if they are synthetic.

Not everything labeled “100% Organic” is organic. Furthermore, supplements can contain just a minimal amount of organic matter to certify it as “organic.”

You may be thinking, “This is all so frustrating!. How on earth can we improve on health if there are so many products on the market with low nutritional value and the information out there is so complicated and deceptive?”

Well, there are a few nutritional experts who have taken the hard work out of sifting through all the questionable stuff.

When the human body is treated holistically, and nutrients likewise, results are quickly seen. People are wakening up to a better way of healing the human body as they listen and learn from the experts.

The best vitamins for high blood pressure will not be those that are just labeled “organic” but those that are produced from an organic source. Just ask the “Experts”!

So what are you now going to do? Continue throwing your money down the toilet?

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